Would You Recommend Hair Transplant Hair goes through normal growth stages and you can lose about 50 to 100 hairs a day, but it is not noticeable as the hair naturally grows back, but there are factors that damage the natural hair growth cycle, causing loss, and these include genetic factors, hormonal changes, medical conditions, some medications. , unbalanced diet, stress and some tight hairstyles. Would you recommend hair transplant;

  • If you want your hair to become thicker, we recommend hair transplantation.
  • If you want to fill the bald areas in your hair, we recommend hair transplantation.
  • If you want to shine with healthy hair for a lifetime, we recommend hair transplantation.

The Cost Of Hair Transplant

Cost, place of residence, according to the experience of the surgeon, the type and you select the actions you choose your doctor is varied depending on various factors, the average cost of the surgery in Turkey varies between 1500-4000 $, average operating cost in other countries varies between 5000- $ 8,000 $. Would you recommend hair transplant; yes, in Turkey you will be safe and pay cheaper on Crown Health Group hair transplant!

Hair Transplant Types

There are two techniques for performing this process, and while the two techniques differ in the method of extracting hair follicles, they eventually agree on the steps of introducing them into the treated area, namely:

Slide Hair Transplant (FUT)

A slice is removed from the donor area of the scalp with hair follicles, then the donor area is closed with stitches and the slide is divided into smaller pieces to be transplanted into the treated area.

Follicular Unit Extraction (Fue)

Hair follicles are removed one by one from the donor area in the scalp, which leaves small holes instead of the wound requiring stitching, and then these roots are transplanted into the treated area. We use a sapphire FUE thread so there is no trace left.