World Famous Hair Transplant Doctors While it is already socially acceptable for women to apply to a beauty clinic for beauty and greater self-confidence, men in particular are starting a period in which people with hair loss don’t have to wear their hair on their foreheads no longer have to be embarrassing. . Slowly but surely, celebrities who have a hair transplant are seen as normal and are no longer worth the headlines.

Things Are Not Going Well; What Do Celebrities Do With A Hair Transplant

Some things can go wrong in hair transplantation. Some celebrities who have a hair transplant can sing a song about it. British international Wayne Rooney was already bald when he was 25 years old. In 2011, he put himself under the knife for the first time and had a hair transplant from his neck to his bald forehead. Two years later he repeated this procedure because the initial result was not satisfactory.

Unlike the footballer, John Travolta was not very lucky with a hair transplant. He is not satisfied with this at all. The desired hairline with it was ignored and the hair was used incorrectly, thus growing in the wrong direction.

It is not easy for Christian Lindner after the hair transplant. He used the old method with a strip of hair taken from the back of the head (FUT method for short). A significantly finer density of hair can be seen on the head, from one ear to the other.

As you see world famous hair transplant doctors can be not well. Because all people effect different. You need to look your hair well. You should eat regularly and follow the instructions of your doctor. If you do everything right, you may experience some bow hair loss. If you pay attention to the sleep position until the hair is adopted, there will be no such problem.