Will I Go Bald? How to Tell My Follicular Future? You see so many uncles and aunties in your family gone bald. Additionally, now many of your adult cousins and friends are losing their hair too. And you must think about what I will be like? Will I lose my hair as well? Will I go bald too?

But how can you know it? How can you predict the future of your follicles?

To predict the future, know the cause?

Hair loss can have several reasons to occur. One of the uncontrollable causes is a genetic cause. This can transfer to you from your mother or father. Or both can be the reason. This cause is hard to deal with. But many other causes render the baldness in humans. These causes are easy to treat to hinder the baldness. There are many causes, for example, stress, hormonal imbalance and mechanical damage to hair. They can predict whether you will go bald or not.

Ways to Predict:

Following are some of the ways through which you can know if you will go bald or not. Any of the given ways can work for you. Consulting a doctor or a specialist would do a better job.

DNA Test:

Your DNA will tell you the genetic position of the hair loss. Any genes from your parents will predict the future in this test. Then, the doctor takes a swab and rubs it inside of your cheek. The swab takes up the DNA. Later, this DNA goes under tests by the doctor for any hair-loss related genes. The doctor will look for the gene of DHT. He will check how sensitive you are to DHT. This is a Dihydrotestosterone hormone which plays its role in baldness. Once the result is out, treatment can proceed accordingly. This way, you would know if you are going to get bald or not.

Observe Hair Fall Frequency:

Generally, the hair falls out every day in a normal number. But you must self examine the falling frequency of your hair. Besides, you must check on how your hair is falling out. On the one hand, the hair breaks and on the other hand it roots out. Thus, the one relevant to balding is uprooting out of the follicles. You must examine how much hair you lose in a day. So, you will predict whether you are at the thresh-hold of going bald or not.

Itchy Head:

The itch in the head can be due to many reasons. Despite what the reason is, it causes the hair to fall because the itch directly affects the roots of the hair. In turn, it causes the follicles to break the hold of the hair. So, stop scratching your head, you might be going bald.

Hairline Receding:

If you feel your forehead has become broader than it is time to ponder.

Your hairline has moved back because your forehead has lost hair. The hair is falling out and causing your forehead to look broader. This is the easy-to-notice sign in daily routine.

These above-mentioned signs can tell if you are going to get bald or not. But don’t panic if you notice any of this. Just get an online consultation with our experts and let them diagnose your situation.