About will hair transplant surgery; we collect the answers! Will you have long and bush hair, or will you return your normal life after hair transplant!

Will I Have Long Hair İf I Have A Hair Transplant?

The patient who is considering a hair transplant should know that he / she will not have longer or different hair than before the symptoms of baldness appear.
In other words, the process respects the properties of the roots and threads that the person has, and by working with this material, it obtains the filling of the area affected by baldness and provides a natural and definite growth.

Will Hair Transplant Surgery?

Will I Back To Work After Hair Transplant

Along with the hair transplant, there are some doubts, including the time to return to the routine and return to work. Therefore, it is generally recommended to rest for 72 hours to recover and release professional activities in cases that do not involve strenuous physical effort or exposure to the sun.

Eliminating these restrictions, the postoperative period is quiet with the other tips and suggestions passed on by the professional, being followed strictly for natural advancement of the results sought!

Will I Have A Lot Of Hair With A Hair Transplant?

The amount of hair that can be achieved through hair transplant is proportional to the amount of follicles removed from the donor area, so it is very important to preserve the site to keep the follicles healthy enough to be available for this type of procedure!
The choice of the region where follicles will be removed, as well as the technique to be used, is the decision of the specialist who, after evaluation, in consultation, understands the case and its particularities to carry out the most ideal treatment for the patient.