Why Would A Hair Transplant Fail It is taken from the areas where there are dense hairs in your body or scalp (donor area) and transplanted into the areas where hair density needs to be restored (treated area). It is the most preferred cosmetic surgery. It is a plastic surgery procedure performed by plastic surgeons. Now, in addition to hair and beard transplantation, eyebrows and eyelashes can be transplanted.

Who Cannot Have Hair Transplantation?

Why would a hair transplant fail; This operation cannot be successful for all people since it is not suitable for those who have diabetes or anemia problems, who have hair loss as a result of chemotherapy, or who have thick scars as a result of accident or injury.

Hair Transplant Candidates; Woman

This operation is successful for a small percentage of women as it is suitable for those who suffer from a male pattern baldness-like baldness, as well as those who have lost their hair due to trauma or suffer from traction alopecia or mechanical alopecia.

The Difference Between Hair Transplantation For Women And Men

While the operation is more suitable for men than women because it is successful in about 90% of men, women suffer from hair loss that cannot be treated with this procedure in most cases.

In stable men, donor recipients are not affected by dihydrotestosterone, which helps hair follicles shrink, but is not stable in women.

Women lose their hair on the upper part of the head to a greater extent, and therefore men lose their front hair while hair density decreases, so the procedure is more successful for men because it does not help solve the hair density problem.

Why would a hair transplant fail; In addition, if you do not listen to the doctor after the hair transplant and do not take the necessary care for your hair, the hair transplantation will fail.