Who Does Celebrity Hair Transplants If you are thinking about a hair transplant, you have probably tried to find on the internet who else (celebrities) have done their hair transplant. Or, if you’ve already had a hair transplant and you feel a little out of place, don’t. Take it easy to find out that even some of the world’s celebrities have had hair transplants. Well look, who does celebrity hair transplants;

1 . Wayne Rooney

English football star Wayne Rooney was not the first to have a hair transplant, but he was definitely the first to take the procedure to the mainstream. Wayne had his first hair transplant in 2011. It was rumored that he continued to undergo further treatment (the need for a second hair transplant operation is completely normal, since male pattern baldness continues and spreads throughout the head).

He honestly spoke about the procedure, said that he decided on it when he got tired of the nickname Bobby Charlton, which his teammates awarded him. After the operation, he shared photos of his transformation and wrote:

“I just want my followers to know that I had a hair transplant. I went bald at 25, so why not? I’m happy with the result! ”

A few minutes later, he also joked that he still felt a little wrinkled and puffy, but that he would surely seem to everyone as soon as everything was back to normal, and added, “Anyone recommend a good hair gel, haha?”

2. Robby Williams

Singer Robbie Williams oddly confessed to doing a hair transplant, even though he said he didn’t need it. Maybe he did it just because he was in Los Angeles and felt that he had to go for it, or he was just bored, as they wrote in the press, or he just needed to make his hairline thicker. After all, his dark hair with a light streak on the front is an unusual hairline that he probably wants to keep. Who knows.

All we know is that he, like the other men on this list, opts for today’s popular elective surgical procedures, which include hair transplants, breast augmentation and liposuction.