Which hair transplant technique is best; FUE hair transplant technique is best. Lets look near; step by step..

The First Step

The first step to start FUE hair transplant is to take photos taken by our team in the office. A professional machine is used and the patient will be in certain positions during the session, so our team can record the patient’s current condition. Photos also allow a previous assessment of what the results will look like after the procedure.

The Second Step

The second step consists of drawing the donor site (where the threads are taken) and the recipient area (where the follicles will be placed). The area of ​​removal is determined by the surgeon so that the hair is still in its original size. To perform FUE hair transplant, the donor area can be partially or completely scraped off, it must be scraped off.

The Third Step

The third step is to extract the follicular units using a small device called a “punch”. For the extraction, the donor area is anesthetized so that the patient is uncomfortable as little as possible. The amount of hair removed will depend on each patient as well as the amount of follicles available in the donor area.

The Fourth Step

The fourth step is to prepare the follicles for implantation in the recipient area. Preparation is made in a suitable solution to keep the roots healthy until implantation. This step is performed with the help of a stereoscopic microscope.

The Final Step

The fifth and final step consists of replacing follicular units at the patient’s receiving site. For this, by applying anesthesia to the recipient area, the patient is given minimum discomfort during reimplantation. Implants are made with small incisions in the patient with equipment called “implants” and the holes in the scalp for implants will be less than 1 mm thick. Implants are made considering the angulation of hair growth, so the patient gets more natural results.