Which hair transplant method is best; There is two method and one of them is the best! See which one!

UFUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique is the unitary extraction of generally healthy hair follicles at the back of the head in an area that is not affected by baldness. An equipment known as micro punch is used to remove the roots. With this equipment, micro incisions are made around the hair follicles and removed from the skin. With the help of forceps, the follicle will be carefully removed, since the incision is millimeters, the healing is very fast and leaves no scars.

After extraction, hair follicles will be planted in the bald area. The doctor will recreate the shape of the hair so that the result is completely natural. After a while, the hair will grow back normally.

FUT Hair Transplant

This capillary implant consists of removing a layer of tissue (skin and follicles) from the donor area, making an incision with a scalpel, and then stitching the resulting wound. The patient does not need to scrape the donor area and the density of the threads in this area does not decrease. However, usually a linear scar from one ear to the other is formed, which can be hidden with longer haircuts, but is a problem for patients with a small number of hairs in the donor area.

Both techniques can be beneficial for the patient and have advantages and disadvantages. The choice between procedures should be made with the surgeon, who will make a thorough assessment and assist the patient in choosing the best method for his condition.

Which hair transplant method is best; FUE is the best!

You should also experience severe pain and an increased risk of complications during surgery. So if there is a choice between FUT and FUE, there really is no other option. You should personally ask the surgeons who recommend FUT if they are satisfied with the procedure.