Which celebrity has hair transplant, the most famous, old or young almost all actor has hair transplant!

Darren Gough

Cricketer Darren Gough talks openly about having a hair transplant. According to him, the procedure was completely painless and did not disturb his usual lifestyle, and the final result was unsurpassed. His before and after photos show the incredible results he has achieved with FUE hair transplant. He says he was inspired by another cricketer, Shane Warne, who also performed the operation. He also said that “Warney” is older than him, so he just had to follow in his footsteps!

Which Celebrity Has Hair Transplant?

Jude Law

The actor, like many others, has been the subject of close scrutiny after his hair suddenly became much thicker in 2014 compared to 2013, when his photographs showed thinning hair on the front and sides. The actor hasn’t spoken publicly about whether he had a hair transplant or not, but his “new hair” could very well be the result of growing longer hair or clever styling. But Jude, if you ever feel like getting a hair transplant, we’d love to help!

All of these Hollywood stars, athletes and singers are different from each other – they have different origins, different generations, and they did hair transplants at different ages. But what they have in common is male pattern baldness (with the possible exception of Robbie Williams), with which they wanted to do something.
Wigs, scarves, hats, sprays and medications can help with hair loss, but hair transplants are the best solution for healthy, beautiful hair (which you can style the way you want when new hair starts to grow).

Hair transplant is not only available to movie stars. If you are starting to lose hair and are thinking about a transplant, fill out our free online consultation form to see what the professional surgeons at the Crown Health Group Hair Clinic can do for you. Like many of the stars in our hair transplant hall of fame, you can simply change your life.