Which Celebrity Did Hair Transplant? Athletes, Hollywood stars, models and singers have also trusted themselves to the expert hand of a hair restoration surgeon. This suggests that neither money nor fame can bring 100% self-confidence and happiness, and that celebrities also have problems they would like to get rid of. Well, which celebrity did hair transplant?

Tom Hanks

Beloved actor Tom Hanks has always had a fairly high hairline, but in recent years it has become a little thicker and healthier in the front, while the temples have continued to thin. It is rumored that he did a small hair transplant in the forehead. As with John Travolta, we can’t say for sure, and honestly, if they want to keep it a secret who we are to speculate. But we can say with confidence that if any of you have had hair transplants, guys, a great job has been done!

Calum Best

We also welcome model, TV personality and actor Calum Best, who has had three hair transplants since 2012. He said that these procedures changed his life, giving him self-confidence and allowing him to get jobs and roles that he could not apply for before. He said, “The difference between my old self-esteem and my present self-esteem is impossible to measure.”

Calum, like Wayne, performed FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) operations. This is the same hair transplant method that we use at our CROWN Hair clinic. This method is less invasive, offers faster recovery, leaves fewer scars and is a better hair transplant method than the older FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) or patchwork method. ”

He also admitted that as he gets older he is less and less concerned with what other people think of him. That is why he honestly spoke about his decision to do the procedure three times. Your hair, your decision, Calum!