Which celebrities have hair transplants; Tom Hanks, Jude Law, Nicolas Cage, Mel Gibson, Josh Travolta! And thousands of them!

Jason Gardiner

If you are a fan of the British TV show “Dancing on Ice” then you definitely know the judge Jason Gardiner. His hair transplant is perhaps one of the most striking transformations: from a completely shaved head, hiding severe baldness, to luxurious dark hair. Jason was very honest about the operation and how baldness made him feel. The tingling sensation that he experienced when the transplanted hair began to grow, he likened to the feeling that one gets when winning the lottery. He also says he just couldn’t be happier.
Fashion columnist Jason began losing his hair at 32. Baldness became noticeable soon after. He felt unattractive and tried to fix the situation with all possible lotions and other means, but nothing helped. He even tried wearing a “swim cap” made of hair that matched his own exactly and adhered to the scalp. Unfortunately, infection occurred a few days later. It was only a few years later that he made the decision to undergo hair transplant surgery that changed his life. It suits you, Jason!

Which Celebrities Have Hair Transplants?

Jason Donovan

90s movie star, actor, singer and radio DJ Jason Donovan admitted on a talk show in 2012 that he had a hair transplant. He said that he made it then for himself and for no reason, and that he never felt the desire to share it with the public. But fueled by talk show host Pierce Morgan, Jason admitted that, as he put it, “was turning into Rooney.” And we believe that any person who normalizes the idea of ​​this procedure and helps to remove the stain of shame from those who decide to fight baldness is worthy of respect.

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