Maybe you are the famous chef, maybe you are not! But if you want to look well, which celebrities had hair transplants you will see! And notice their hair looks natural. When you have hair transplantation surgery no one will understand what you do yourself!

Gordon Ramsay

Britain’s best chef, Gordon Ramsay, came to Los Angeles for hair transplant surgery in 2011. Like many men, he probably did hair transplant surgery after that. Now he is the owner of chic blonde curls.

Unfortunately for Gordon, he had to deal with facial swelling after his first hair transplant – a fairly common side effect that looks very disturbing, although not at all dangerous. The swelling can be caused by an allergic reaction to the anesthesia used. Like surgeons in other reputable clinics, our surgeons know exactly what to do if this happens during a procedure. And this certainly should not be feared in advance.

Which Celebrities Had Hair Transplants?

Louis Walsh

Another judge at a talent show, this time at The X Factor, Louis Walsh confessed in 2011 to having a hair transplant. And, despite the fact that he is slightly older than the other celebrities on this list (Louis is in his 60s, and at the time of the operation he was 59), he did not want to put up with hair loss.

Legend has it that X-Factor’s chief judge, Simon Cowell, known for his thick hair, told Louis that his hair was falling out. At first, Louis denied everything, but still decided to have a hair transplant when he saw his head on high definition TV. He even joked that it was some kind of “tech service” and that he did it to keep his job at X-Factor! No matter what his reasons are, he looks great.


Now the results of the hair transplant surgery look amazing, especially for his age.