Which actors had hair transplant; Crown Health Group Turkeys most popular hair transplant clinic. And people wants to know how actors have great hairs. We know the answer! It is simple hair transplant!

Kevin Costner

In 2007, the National Enquirer tabloid presented a “sensation” featuring actor and director Kevin Costner associated with his hair. Comparing photographs taken in September 2006 and photographs taken in March 2007, one of the specialists, Dr. Craig Ziering, concluded that a hair transplant had taken place. In his opinion, if such a chance is given, it is necessary to use it.

Billy Bob Thornton

This 62-year-old actor, who has starred in 88 films, is famous not only for his talented acting. But also three important facts of his biography. First, he was married to the main sex symbol of the planet – actress Angelina Jolie. Secondly, he’s an Oscar winner, but as a scriptwriter for Sharpened Blade.

Which Actors Had Hair Transplant?

Thirdly, many years ago Billy Bob was bald. Pretty bald. What is there – very bald. So much so that he eventually got tired of it and went to a plastic surgery clinic where he had a hair transplant. But now this father of four children in his solid years looks absolutely amazing. And he continues, albeit not very actively, to act in films. 2018’s fall, for example, released the film “London Fields” with his participation.

Jason Alexander

He should be the most popular bald man in television history. A comedian, singer, actor, he played in a large number of films and worked in many variety projects, but still at one point he got tired of being balding.
True, as a person with a great sense of humor, on his Twitter page, commenting on the fact of hair transplant, Jason said that he did it thanks to a combination of practical and professional reasons: the head, they say, began to reflect too much spotlight and distract the attention of viewers from what I do on stage.