Where Hair Transplant ? Hair loss (alopecia) is a problem that affects thousands of people worldwide and often causes a loss of self-esteem. It can be caused by a variety of factors such as smoking, stress or genetic factors.

Hair transplant performs a vaccination procedure, using the patient’s bald area, where the natural hair strands are removed from the donor area. This area is normally never located in the patient’s area because the amount of healthy follicles is higher in this place.

Results can be seen immediately after surgery. However, the final result occurs after about 6 months, because it is natural for the hair transplanted after surgery to shed after forming new follicles on the scalp and form new hair after a few months.

FUE Hair Transplant

Since this hair transplant technique is not cut with a scalpel, it removes the strands one by one so that it does not leave a linear scar. Stitches are not required as small holes are formed close to each other in about 3 days.

Since the wires are removed one by one, it becomes ready for re-implantation.

The FUE technique causes dotted micro scars and if it is done many times, it can greatly reduce the capillary density of the donor area.

Nowadays, surgery is performed more with FUE technique because it does not leave a linear scar and allows the use of short haircuts.

What Is The Price Of Hair Transplant In İstanbul?

 In Istanbul for hair transplant the best clinic is Crown Health Group. The final value is determined by the patient’s condition and degree of baldness, so setting a price for surgical procedures is very relative.

The ultimate goal of patients who have a hair transplant is the same, to end baldness. However, each person has a different clinical picture and different needs, so the values ​​vary from person to person.

Make an appointment with Crown Health Group to find out how much the ideal procedure will cost for your case and clear up any doubts.