Where Hair Transplant Surgery ? There are two main methods of removing skin patches containing natural hair follicle units from the “donor area”, and each method has its pros and cons.

Follicular Unit Strip Surgery method;

The method is the predominant method in which the surgeon cuts a strip of skin 15-25 cm long and one to one centimeter wide from the skin of the posterior area of ​​the scalp under local anesthesia. This skin strip is then cut to prepare small, transplanted skin pieces containing only a few hair follicle units.

Simultaneously, two things are followed by the surgery: First, by removing this strip of skin on the back of the scalp, the wound is closed; The other is to make small holes in the skin of the “recipient area” according to a shape suitable for the new hair growth site (Hairline Design), and then these skin pieces (removed from the “donor area”) are inserted and implanted into small skin holes in the area. “Received site”. The whole process takes place in a single treatment session.

FUE; The second method called Follicular Unit Extraction;

Under local anesthesia, the FUE surgeon performs an individual extraction for the hair follicle unit, that is, it contains 1 to 4 strands of hair in the form of small skin fragments ranging from 0.6 (sub-zero) millimeter to 1 millimeter. This is done using an advanced device to complete the removal of these units from the hair follicle, then the surgeon implants these skin pieces containing the hair follicle unit into a small skin incision in the “recipient area” area.

This process is repeated to put the hair follicle units in a symmetrical order, so that naturally transplanted hair looks elegant. Since this process takes longer than the hair transplant procedure, it can be completed in a single session or in a few sessions.

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