What You Need to Know About Scalp Pain, Do you have trouble with itchiness on your scalp? Does it feel tender with no apparent reason? In this article, we will take a look at the possible causes of scalp itch and pain and why it needs attention.

What You Need to Know About Scalp Pain

Scalp pain may result from a number of different reasons. The cause may be bacterial, for example:

  • A strain of bacteria called impetigo can affect the scalp and cause sore patches around the scalp.
  • Certain types of fungi can be responsible for scalp pain too. The most common one among the fungi kingdom to cause scalp pain is tinea capitis. This strain causes a scaly texture on scalp skin too.
  • It can be simply a case of dermatitis too. While dermatitis itself is pretty simple, finding and addressing the underlying cause of dermatitis might be challenging. Dermatitis causes itchiness and redness on the scalp tissue.

Apart from these reasons, some people also experience scalp pain due to putting up their hair too tight. This also causes traction hair loss too.

Is There a Link Between Scalp Pain and Hair Loss?

Scalp pain is not necessarily a precursor to hair loss in every case. Still, it is a clear warning from your body, and you should not ignore such pain. Our body sends out pain signals to tell us that there is a problem. The bacterial and fungal infections we mentioned do not cause hair loss on their own. Although the itch and irritation they bring may lead to excessive itching and thus pose a danger. Itching your skin too much will lead to degeneration of the skin barrier and can damage hair follicles in the process. So if you suspect that you may have an intruder inside your body, seek treatment right away to save yourself from trouble.

If the reason for your scalp pain seems to be putting your hair up too tightly, you risk traction alopecia. This can actually lead to hair loss and consistently putting your hair under such tension may lead to hair loss in the long run.

Treatment Options for Scalp Pain

Usually, the treatment of scalp pain is not a complex process. It all boils down to getting to the root cause of the issue. If the cause originates from a type of bacteria or fungus, a doctor can diagnose it with some tests. At this point, treatment becomes a matter of sticking to your doctor’s prescription. If the cause seems to be tight styling, simply not putting your hair that way will resolve the issue.