What Is the Ludwig Scale? There are two charts to determine hair loss patterns. And the Ludwig Scale is one of the two. In 1977, it was first used to measure female pattern hair loss (FPH). This system classifies FPH according to its severity, and it is good for the following:

  • Deciding the measure of hair that is lost till the present day,
  • Evaluating how much hair will fall later, if the FPH advances
  • Finding ways of how to best treat the FPH

This model formulates FPH accordingly as per its severity and other factors.

Stages of Severity

As per the Ludwig Scale, there are three phases of FPH:

Stage 1. An individual at this phase of baldness will encounter a progressive thinning of hair, particularly at the crown. Baldness at this stage is usually so gentle to the point that it goes unnoticed for quite a while. Unlike another balding pattern in men (MPH), the FPH hairline commonly doesn’t experience any significant subsiding. As the hair strands get thinner, the scalp becomes more visible, particularly if the individual parts their hair from the centre. This stage can even portray an image of non-balding, just like normal hair.

Stage 2. An individual at this stage encounters moderate balding. The hairs shed continuously and proceed to thin, which decreases hair volume and density. Increasingly. More scalp is visible. And it can clearly get perceptible to other people. At this stage, hair transplants can be an option.

Stage 3. An individual at this stage is, without a doubt encountering a serious type of baldness. Hairs do not grow at the crown and mid-scalp areas at this stage. Even though hair might be longer at the edges and occipital scalp, the hair follicles are completely useless, and hair growth stops at this point.

Does Ludwig Scale Work Only for Women?

No, it is not the case. Regardless of genders, men and women both can have MPH or FPH. While a greater number of women develop FPH than men, the Ludwig Scale can be used by both genders. Consequently, if a male were to encounter FPH, the chart will work the same for him.

Treatment Options

In case you are a woman and experiencing early signs of hair thinning, consult your doctor. Usually, doctors prescribe Rogaine but note that this medicine might have long-term effects on your health. Moreover, platelet-rich plasma treatment can help in controlling hair loss and baldness.

You may likewise be a practical candidate for hair surgery. It can be follicular unit extraction (FUE) transplant, where the hair is taken from the healthy donor area and then transplanted into the recipient area. This sort of treatment is 100% efficient and safe.

Any individual facing hair loss should consult a renowned doctor or institute that examines the hair and then suggests a suitable hair treatment. Any hidden medical condition can add complications, so be sure to be open about them early on.

If your balding doesn’t appear to be Ludwig Scale design, you might be experiencing traction alopecia, inflammation, or hair thinning due to scarring because of internal damage or excessive cosmetic use. At our institute, specialists work to find the main cause of hair loss and baldness to provide the treatments accordingly.