What Does It Take to Create Brand-New Eyebrows? Eyebrow transplantation is among the most delicate and challenging types of all the hair restoration procedures in practice. The operation requires patience and the utmost care from both the medical staff’s part and the patient himself.

What Does It Take to Create Brand-New Eyebrows?

See, on the scalp, most hairs face the same direction with a similar angle. Opening the canals is significantly easier. On the other hand, when we look at the eyebrows, we see that hair follicles point at rather different directions. Coming close to the nose, hair points upwards. When we move on to the middle parts, they point to mixed directions. Some point upwards, some point sideways, and some even point downwards.

How Many Hair Follicles Are Necessary for Such Recreation?

Usually, for an operation necessitating a complete reconstruction, we need around three hundred to four hundred hair follicles from the donor area. However, if the patient already has an existing healthy pair of eyebrows and only wants to have a fuller pair, the number drops, of course. In these sorts of operations, we may need anywhere from twenty follicles to two hundred follicles.

Normally, full hair transplants take anywhere between six to ten hours depending on the techniques utilised and the number of grafts necessary. But since we don’t need that many follicles for eyebrow transplants, the hair transplant operation for eyebrows last around two to four hours on average.

On a regular hair transplant, the grafted follicles would come from the occipital area (back of the scalp where the hair is thick and strong) though these hair follicles are too thick to look aesthetically pleasing on the eyebrows. So the solution to this issue is simple. We take follicles from around the same area, but we take the ones close to the nape and to the ears. These hair follicles are thinner than our usual hair, and they grow a bit more slowly. The hair follicles from this area match the fineness of the patient’s own eyebrows.

After the Operation

Right after the operation, it is normal to see some redness and swelling around your eyelids. This is a natural reaction of the body to anaesthetics (the inflammation drives foreign substances away). After about a week, you may notice some crusting, and this also is completely normal. Just strictly follow your doctor’s aftercare instructions, and everything should go fine.

Our team of experts at esteCrown will give you further information about the healing procedure after the operation. Also, our personnel will provide you with the necessary medication so that you won’t need to buy them yourself. When healing is complete, you will get to treat your new eyebrow hair as if they had always been there. They will be as strongly connected and seamlessly blended in there as your own natural hair.