Tom Hanks Hair Transplant; The American writer, actor, producer always looks stunning, despite his age. At the beginning of his career, Tom was curly. The actress invested a lot of money in operations, removed the receding hairline at the temples and straightened his hair.

In fact, it is not fully resolved whether Tom Hanks hair transplant or had a not. The straightening of his curly hair and the thickening of his sparse hair attracted attention. As a result, it was decided that he had a hair transplant.

Natural Hair Loss Rate

Hair goes through a complete cycle of existence, growth and decline to make room for others, the first stage of its life cycle is the stage of emergence when it is produced by the follicle, and this cycle is when the hair manages to increase 1 cm at a normal rate for a month, and the number of tufts of hair in the head gap is several continues for years. The normal shedding rate for a person between 100 thousand and 500 thousand hairs is about 10 hairs or a little more.

Natural Growth Of The Hair

After the hair grows and reaches its maximum possible length, in the second stage the hair growth stops and remains the same for several weeks, then in the third stage the hair begins to fade and dies out of the follicle and falls out, making room for the growth of a new small hair.

Plasma Injection

Rich Plasma injection depends on its vital ability to nourish and revitalize the hair follicles with its nourishing ingredients and thus nourish the hair itself,

Plasma stimulates cells in the scalp to activate and produce proteins, keratin and collagen.

Hair roots are renewed, increase their vitality and ultimately lead to strong, healthy hair.

Hair plasma injection gives great results in people suffering from permanent hair loss and prone to baldness with fast steps, and plasma treatment requires several consecutive sessions for the cells to get enough nutrients for them and start production.