The Popularity of Hair Transplantation, Hair transplantation has become very popular in recent times. Most of the men and women experiencing hair thinning and baldness are turning to this procedure. However, it’s not a simple procedure. Rather than, it’s a proper surgical procedure. But still, it has become very popular due to various benefits.

This technique involves two types. FUE and DHI. Both of them differ a little bit in procedure but produce the same result.

Hair Transplantation THEN and NOW:

Earlier people used to get bald after the fifties. And it was okay for them as a factor. But nowadays, due to changes in food, climate, etc. people have become more prone to hair thinning. Men, as well as women, face the worst kind of hair thinning at a young age. Moreover, earlier, fewer people have enough money to invest in such cosmetic surgeries. Above all, technology was not advanced and readily available. Earlier people were also not too self-conscious about their looks.

Nowadays, hair transplant has become popular and reached a whole different level. Because now, lifestyle has changed drastically. It is affecting our physical, mental and emotional health. Moreover, due to lack of sleep, nutrition and over-styling hair have increased hair loss problems. Therefore, over time this technology has become more popular.

Reasons behind the popularity of hair transplantation:

Less Invasive and Best Results:

It’s a simple cosmetic procedure. As persons own hair is used; therefore, it is a good option if you have hair thinning and baldness. The surgeon randomly removes hair follicles. While transplanting, care is taken to transplant in the best angles and direction to achieve the best result. Further, a patient needs to act on the doctor’s advice only. Within minimal time, you’ll get the best and permanent hair on your head.

Minimal Downtime:

This technique has become popular as it requires minimal downtime. Although the procedure is quite time consuming but after surgery, the patient can return to his/her job in a short time. Red spots and scars will remain for a few days. It does not leave any scar. Therefore people are proffering this technique readily nowadays.

The Procedure is Easily Researchable:

In the past, people did not know much about technology, as there was no internet. But now, due to the internet, one can easily research the complete information about it. People can find the causes and possible remedies of hair loss. Images on the websites help the audience to understand the procedure. It lets you know when you are a good candidate for this technique.

Satisfactory Outcome:

The procedure has evolved and becomes less complicated. Moreover, the results are also natural and satisfactory.

This procedure has long-lasting results. On the contrary, results also depend upon the doctor’s way of the procedure. Besides, this surgery is the most cost-effective surgery. Regardless of being a surgical procedure, it’s not very painful. It’s safe, but one should act in the doctor’s prescription religiously. It brings back your confidence which is much needed to survive nowadays.