The Importance of Hairline Design in Hair Loss Treatment, Hair transplant operations are critical, like all other surgical procedures. The operation is carried out by prioritizing the health and aesthetic appearance of the person who will have a hair transplant. Based on this, we can say that naturalness is an essential criterion for successful results.

The Importance of Hairline Design in Hair Loss Treatment

Providing naturalness in hair transplantation is directly proportional to 3 factors.

  • The frequency and density of the new hair
  • The direction of the hair follicles
  • Planning the front hairline

These factors should be determined before the operation. For the realization of these three factors, the doctor who will perform the hair transplantation should work carefully during the procedure, and the grafts are placed at the right angles one by one.

The most significant point of successful hair transplant is to have healthy and natural-looking hair after the operation. For the new hair to be natural-looking, the most crucial point is planning the front hairline.

What is Front Hairline?

The front hairline is the point where the forehead area and hair meet. The location of the front hairline depends on the characteristic features of the face. Although the front hairline of each person is different from each other, the front hairline has specific features.

Even in people who do not experience hair loss, the front hairline may be behind, and this forehead opening may disturb the person. At this point, hair transplant is the best option to re-design hairline to achieve its perfect shape.

When planning the front hairline, two criteria are crucial.

  1. Age Factor
  2. Golden Ratio

If the front hairline is behind, the person may look older. The fact that the front hairline is ahead may also disrupt the naturalness and cause the aesthetic elements of the face to disappear. Taking the age factor into consideration while determining the front hairline ensures a successful operation.

The second criterion, “golden ratio”, is the most important criterion of all aesthetic operations today. As a result of the detailed analysis of the person’s face shape, the aesthetically most suitable front hairline is determined without ignoring the old forehead line.

The front hairline that will affect our appearance is determined during the planning of the hair transplant operation. Only a capable doctor should do measurement and determination.

During the measurement, these factors are crucial.

  • Hair opening according to the efficiency of the donor area
  • The requests of the person who will have a hair transplant
  • The degree of hair loss
  • The person’s age,
  • The person’s head and face structure

In people with very intense hair loss and older people, pulling the forehead line, a little higher will increase naturalness. However, the hairline depends on the characteristics of the face to a great extent.