If you think you know a great deal about hair? You need to think twice. This article is all about surprising hair facts; you might not know until now.

Surprising Hair Facts

1. Hair is All Keratin.

We can find keratin in our external skin layer, fingernails, and it is the same protein present in hooves, hooks, and quills. Humans share the most protein with other animals too.

2. Warmer the Climate Quicker the Hair Will Grow:

Warmer climate stimulates hormones and boosts the circulating system, thus encouraging hair growth. However, in this very case genetics and diet do play a major role.

3. Wet Your Hair and Stretch it to 30% its Normal Length.

During hair cut, the wet hair will seem normal than usual. However, once blow-dried its long length is gone. This is because water stretches hair to be longer than it naturally is!

4. All Hair is Dead.

The part of hair present in the epidermis is the one not dead. Hair outside the epidermis of our scalp is all dead. We often what is outside; however, whatever we eat, put inside our body directly affects our hair health.

5. The Most Common Hair Colour is Black, While Red is The Rarest.

Only 1% of the world population has red hair, 2% has blond hair. While the rest of the human population has dark hair such as black and brown shades. You should embrace your hair, no matter what colour it is.

6. Hair is One of The Most Important Pieces of Evidence Used as Forensic Evidence in Trials.

Scary fact: Hair is counted as the most important evidence as forensic evidence in a trial. Hair store information on what you ate and what environment you live in. Hair also codes for genetic information and can help in identifying suspects in crime scenes.

7. Each Hair Strand Can Weigh as Much as 100 Grams of Weight.

To place this into viewpoint, we use a psychological picture. If each strand of your hair can bolster 100g, and individuals have overall 100 000 to 150 000 strands of hair on their scalp, your whole head can support two elephants equivalent.

8. Hair is The Second Most Efficiently Developing Tissue in The Body.

The first one is the bone marrow.

9. Blow Drying Modifies The State of The Hair by Changing Their Hydrogen Bonds.

Water additionally changes the hydrogen bonds, which makes our hair straight when we wash them up. This may clarify why a few women complain of stickiness – the water noticeably changes the silkiness, making the structure of the hair look more crimped or puffy.

10. Trimming Your Hair doesn’t Impact How Quickly It will Grow Back.

This is an appalling truth; most people ask us to have frequent hair cut so that hair grows back more quickly. However, cutting hair frequently will not help hair to grow back quickly. Apart from that split ends’ problems can lead to frequent haircuts, so the person will have no other option but to have haircuts