Hair transplant surgery is not a small commitment. They represent the patient’s hope of finally regaining some of the self-confidence lost with the hair they shed. Deciding to finally fix their hair loss problem permanently took much bravery for them. But, once deciding to move forward, another question presents itself: where to go to?

Hair Transplant Surgery

If you happen to live in a big city, then you likely have an ample variety of hair transplant places to choose from. There should be plenty of certified surgeons that have done work for many big names and common people alike. They got clout, excellent reviews, and sleek advertising.

But if you take a look online, you will quickly discover that so does every good hair surgeon inside and outside your country. The hair transplant procedure has gone mainstream and also international.

Surgeons from around the world, no matter which country, battle it out on the digital arena to secure clientele for themselves. This surprising discovery also sheds light into something else. Some foreign surgeons have got great reputations and great deals.

Yes, around the world, the technique for the hair transplant procedure is the same, but the affordability of it varies greatly. To know whether you should travel for hair transplant surgery, pay attention to what the international market can offer you.

Local Travel for Hair Transplant Surgery

As mentioned before, if you are currently based in any big city of any developed, western nation, you have already hundreds of options. Hair surgeons of high calibre with long waiting lists are close to you and ready to serve for a hefty fee as soon as they got the time.

Your local crème de la crème social superstars likely booked in advance for some time now, not that would tell you about it. If you are in a developed economy and the procedure is in demand, it will likely rack a high price.

At the end of the day, providing a service means paying costs and wages, both of which reflect on the price tag. The service might be great, but does it worth all of that just to have it done here. Isn’t there another choice? It turns out, there is.

Abroad Travel for Hair Transplant Surgery

Developing nations have an advantage that developed ones don’t. Their markets allow flexible prices thanks to lower wages. This creates an opportunity for service providers and for you, the clients.

Hair transplants are in-demand worldwide, so they are also provided worldwide. One of the countries that is a hotspot for it is Turkey — being one of the countries that embraced the newer hair transplant procedures coming out in the 90s.

Turkey now counts with extensively experienced surgeons that are experts on hair transplant. And at an affordable price too, since the Turkish economy allows lower prices thanks to low wages.

Both factors made the country popular for international clients looking to get theirs done affordably. How popular are they? In 2016, there were around 60,000 Turkish hair transplants performed, according to the Ministry of Health.

Health tourism is, by the way, the activity of going abroad to get a medical or cosmetic procedure done cheaper. And the practice has Turkey as such a frequent destination that they had to make their own ministry dedicated to overseeing it.

Many patients from developed nations that offer high-quality hair transplants travel to Turkey as well. Instead of paying the celebrity-tier price locally, they rather have the very same procedure done cheaper abroad.

And, can anyone blame them? We only get so much time in life. If there’s a shot of getting want you to want safer, faster, and just a plane ticket away, won’t you come on board?

In Conclusion

The inquiry of travel for hair transplant surgery comes down to affordability. Is the chance of getting your hair back for a fair price and with high-quality results worth the hassle of traveling for it? If the answer is yes, then rest assured, you are in great hands.

Our surgeons perform high-quality hair transplant, which results in a blend seamlessly. By carefully following your hair’s growth pattern, they can deliver the natural-looking result you always wanted.

So much so that most observers would have a difficult time telling if you got any work done. Contact us if you want the best hair transplant surgery for an affordable price.