Gynecomastia Treatment, One of the questions mostly asked by men is the question of “What is gynecomastia?”.Gynecomastia is the formation of woman type breast tissue in men, in other words coming of the men’s breasts to a womanlike state. Along with being many reasons of gynecomastia; it may occur with the effect of some medications, in result of hormonal imbalance, liver diseases, cirrhosis, drug use, and in some types of cancer. As the most frequently, it shows up by structural and genetic reasons, in other words without an underlying pathology, disease. Also, sudden and a lot of weight loss generates gynecomastia by causing enlargement in the breast tissue. Even if the patients think that this will get over when they lose weight, this situation does not change; even they become more apparent.

What Are The Reasons Of Gynecomastia Treatment?

Gynecomastia is seen most frequently in men in adolescence period, or in older ones depending on hormonal changes. This situation is named as physiological gynecomastia. In 90% of the boys, this situation gets over by itself within a year. And in the adults, generally there is no reason; it can be idiopathic, familial. Mostly, cases such as non-getting over of the gynecomastia, frequent weight gain and loss can be observed.

When a disease lies behind, the patient will already see the symptoms of these diseases before gynecomastia. Consequently, gynecomastia remains more insignificant than these situations. Hepatitis, cirrhosis, lung cancer, lung diseases, cancer of some organs, thyroid gland diseases, testicular diseases, heroin or other similar drug use, steroid use for gaining weight or building muscle, and use of some medications can be counted as reasons among them. But as I mentioned, it does not have any reason in practice, occurs by itself.

In the examination before the surgery it is found out what type of gynecomastia it is. Thus, whether the mass is composed of just fatty tissue or not, persistence of the breast tissue can be revealed.

What Are The Types Of Gynecomastia Treatment?

There are three main types: glandular gynecomastia, mixed type, lipomatous in other words false gynecomastia.

Indeed increase of womanlike breast tissue creates the gynecomastia in glandular type, in lipomatous type gynecomastia there is fatty tissue increase. And in the case of mixed gynecomastia, there are a growth, increase in the breast tissue, and also fatty tissue excess and increase. What I’ve observed in practice is that there are gynecomastia in which the patient group is mainly mixed in other words, the both breast tissue and fatty tissue is in excess.

Type Of Gynecomastia Surgery Anesthesia

The surgery can be performed under sedation anesthesia or general anesthesia. If liposuction will be applied, sedation anesthesia suffices, and the patient can return his home immediately after the surgery. I prefer sedation anesthesia in my all patients, the patient is sleeping in the course of surgery but not feeling pain, can make his own breathing; and as soon as the surgery is over he can wake up immediately. If open surgery will be performed, it will be appropriate to stay in the hospital for one night after receiving general anesthesia.

Method Of Gynecomastia Treatment Surgery

I preferably apply liposuction (closed technique) for my patients. By this means, it is possible to remove the fatty and breast tissue inside from the holes only small cannulas can enter in without leaving any scar on the breast, and without damaging the brown part. In this technique I apply, the breast and fatty tissues can easily be taken out homogeneously. Not only fats, also the breast tissues can easily be removed by using special cannulas. Even if a sagging occurs in the skin by liposuction method, this situation can be treated, and reduction is provided in the skin from the day one. Approximately 1 month after, even the most sagging breasts can be completely corrected by liposuction. And sometimes on the contrary there may be patients who have breast tissue under the very small, very hard nipple; the gynecomastia I applied in these patients can be fixed by the liposuction technique.

Gynecomastia Treatment

I show the before after photos of the gynecomastia surgery I performed to my all patients before the surgery. Thus, it is not left a question mark in minds of the patients. Each patient sees maybe hundreds of examples of the gynecomastia patients same as him, and this situation removes the question of how I will be in future. Consequently, the most important step for the gynecomastia patient is seeing the before after pictures of patient as himself in the clinic. Unfortunately, the gynecomastia photos cannot be published on the website due course of law.

In another form of gynecomastia surgery that I don’t perform; generally by making semicircle shaped incision from around the nipple, it is reached to the mass and the breast tissue is removed. In this method, it is not possible to remove the fatty tissue correctly. At the same time, it does not provide reduction in the skin. Consequently I don’t prefer this method.

After Gynecomastia Surgery

After gynecomastia surgery performed by liposuction, I make a pressure, constrictive dressing to the patient in order to prevent bleeding inside. This constrictive bandage stays for 2 days and then is opened; when this dressing is removed, the patient feels comforted himself. Usually absorbable sutures are used; suture removal is not required, if needed 1-2 sutures are removed after 1 week. Drain is not used in the technique of gynecomastia surgery by liposuction I applied, thus the patient comfort quite increases and can continue the daily life. There is almost no pain after gynecomastia surgery, only a sensation created by the strictness occurs. 1 week after the surgery even its most swollen state produces an admirable result. And after 1 month when you remove your clothes, it will not seem obvious you had surgery. In this period hardnesses only felt by you when you touch will occur. These hardnesses will get better in 3 months. It is necessary to wear corset for about 1 month. And after 6 months, you will be reached the best appearance as if you had not had surgery.

Along with non-being very much pain, ache, burning after gynecomastia, the patients can return their normal lives next day.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gynecomastia

Is Surgery Absolutely Required For The Solution Of Breast Enlargement In Men?

Gynecomastia treatment is a treatment performed by surgery. What mentioned with surgery is the closed operation liposuction that I apply. If there is a disease causing gynecomastia, in this case treatment of this may primarily be performed. Even if the treatment applied fixes the underlying disease, still surgery is necessary for gynecomastia.

Can Gynecomastia Be Treated By Medications?

Gynecomastia is a treatable disease but of which treatment is surgery. Even if it is very unnecessary and meaningless, in men who resist and don’t want to have gynecomastia surgery, a very partial change has been able to be occurred with danazol and oestrogen antidote in other words oestrogen-reducing medications such as testosterone, clomiphene, and tamoxifen. However it should not be gotten out of the mind that this medical and heavy treatment has side effects. There is also aesthetic appearance problem, even if the medical treatment reduces the breast tissue somewhat; it does not have an effect on the fatty tissue and skin. A change in the patient’s gynecomastia appearance that causes trouble does not occur in general.

Does gynecomastia increase the risk of breast cancer?

Only 1% of all breast cancer types are seen in men. Being gynecomastia does not increase in addition the risk for progressing breast cancer. Only in Klinefelter’s syndrome, the risk of breast cancer increases 60 times. As a result, gynecomastia does not increase the risk of breast cancer.

Does the breast enlargement create a serious complex especially in adolescence period?

Either in the adolescence period or afterwards, being enlarged breasts may create both psychological and physical complex. The patients turn this into a problem by increasingly making it all in their minds. For this reason, they find the easiest way in hiding, keeping their body, and detach themselves from society. The patients in adolescence with gynecomastia don’t want to remove their clothes in environments which his either boy or girl friends are in; some of them try to camouflage their gynecomastia by leaning forward and even don’t go swimming. They may sometimes be introverted, and sometimes angry, aggressive. If their relatives around do not inform, help; they may fall into depression. Because, they may suppose that their virility is less with a wrong thought. Also being a subject of derision of the young patients with gynecomastia is another problem. Sometimes we may see patients who cannot join the army, don’t want to get married, cannot do sports, and go on summer holiday.

Is there a risk of re-enlargement of the breast after gynecomastia surgery?

Only a small breast tissue is left in the patient’s nipple, in this case the breast tissue may grow back just by formation of the bad diseases stated above; this situation is already more important matter than gynecomastia. Also, the fatty tissue left behind may grow some in excessive weight gains. In fact, these risks exist theoretically, however they don’t reappear in practice; you become gotten rid of gynecomastia for a lifetime by a good operation.

May breast enlargement be dangerous in men?

If an enlargement in breast along with an enlargement in testis of the man exists, it is required to think it as a tumor. This situation is a serious situation. Enlargements depending on this can immediately be detected with hormone analyses.

How many years from can gynecomastia surgery be performed?

This surgery may be performed from the end of adolescence period, in other words from the age of 17. Because physiological gynecomastia may be for before, it is required to wait. The patient makes the required inspections at the moment of his breasts enlarged; and if it is intervened in these at the earliest, also psychological problems become prevented.

What anesthesia is gynecomastia surgery performed with?

I personally perform the gynecomastia surgery with sedation anesthesia. Thus, the patient can immediately stand up, and go home after resting a bit without needing to stay in hospital after surgery.

 How long does gynecomastia surgery take?

Even if the operation changes depending on the breast size and method applied, it takes about 60 minutes.

 Does pain occur after gynecomastia surgery?

In the technique I use for gynecomastia, by way of the long acting anesthetic medications providing the tissues to harmonize in the same time and killing the pain, there is no pain even in the first day. Maybe with varying from patient to patient, a slight pain can be felt. Sensation of strictness created by the pressure dressing for 2 days after the gynecomastia surgery may bother the patient in general.

 How long the corset should be worn after surgery?

It is required to use corset for 1 month after gynecomastia surgery. Thus, both swelling does not occur, and also the skin more complies with the underlying structures. In 1 month you can raise the corset so as to be suggested to you. Gynecomastia corset is a corset not seeming under the shirt and t-shirt.

According To What Do Gynecomastia Surgery Prices Vary?

Gynecomastia prices change according to the type of gynecomastia, size of the patient’s breast tissue, weight, type of anesthesia, and plastic surgeon’s request. You can learn the prices of gynecomastia surgery by contacting your surgeon and by getting examined. Because gynecomastia is an aesthetic intervention; private and state insurances, SSI, and Bağkur (social security for the self-employed) do not cover the gynecomastia surgery. After gynecomastia surgery, corset is used. It will be helpful for you certainly to ask whether there is the corset fee in the price you will pay for gynecomastia surgery.