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Hair transplant in Turkey: Reviews

When you think about getting a hair transplant in Turkey, reviews are very important just to get first hand information about how the whole process is and what results you can expect. We always recommend first to gather all the possible information about how a hair transplant is performed, how is the surgery procedure, its risks, its side effects, its results… so that you can make a proper decision and choose the best available option.

Therefore, it´s very important to know what patients that already have gone through this experience think about it and about the results they got. At Crown Health Group we use the latest techniques in hair transplant surgery to provide you with the best hair transplant in Turkey: that´s why we are always keen to share our patients’ opinions, as their testimonials are the best proof of why we are the best valued professionals when people think about having a hair transplant in Istanbul.

MIRCEA » flag 800 den »


During my treatment at the hospital I have experienced a very polite and professional staff, infact the surgury went smoothly with the guidance f the medical team prior and after, it was a very simple procedure that took around 6 to 7 hours, while after the treament I needed one day to rest and the next day I was back to normal The staff were excellent and very helpful and in contact with us 24/7 the time we were in turkey, they were provided with everything were needed from the hotel to being in the clinic, and having a safe and informative journey.
CRISTINA » flag 800 czh »


I am 28 yrs old and I was born with a low density of hair on the top of the head. This is the reason I decided to have a hair implant. A friend recommended me Crown Health - Liv Hospital Ulus for the intervention and I would recommend as well to anybody looking for the same operation. The experience was great. The medical stuff very friendly and professional. The hospital conditions perfect. I choose this clinic because a friend recommended it. My overall experience with Liv Hospital Ulus was highly pleasant and professional.
Shimon » flag 800 swed »


After searching for a hair transplant for a couple of years i finally found the courage to go have one Crown has got the most reviews on the internet So i got in touch with them via whats app They answered all of my questions and the service is second to none they pick you up from the airport take you to your hotel which was very nice when i arrived on the day for treatment they greeted me and made me feel very comfortable the operation it self was about 6 hours long i had 4500 grafts implanted and all this was pain free i would hightly recommend this company.
Moshe » flag 800 isr »


I did hair transplant yesterday in Crown Health Group, it has not been long time but I am very happy so far. The staff and hospital are amazing, everything is very clean and tidy and everyone is very helpful. I would definitely recommend the treatment and this place to anyone wanting to do FUE hair transplant. I choose Crown health istanbul after we did a big research me and my wife, we saw all the comments and videos online and thought it would be the best choice. I am glad we decided to come here.
KASSEM » flag 800 isr »


had a problem with my hair and I heard from a friend about Crown Health as the most popular hair transplant center in Turkey-Istanbul and I took the decision to travel to do my Hair Transplant in Istanbul. Hair transplant operation takes about 6 hours but very much worth it. Simply you can say very professional team since my first email to them until the last minute of my travel after the operation. I feel very good and optimistic. I would advise every one with same hair loss problem to immediately contact with Crown health group in Istanbul. “
BRUNO » flag 800 ita »


Hello, my name is Bruno, I flew from Italy,  the operation was very enjoyable and the staff welcoming. Since the very beginning I felt secure and the hand of professionals. The operation was pretty long (7 hours) but definitely worth it, not painful and went smoothly without problems. All the staff at the clinic is very professional, they speak English and for any concern or problem that you have they are available 24/7 via WhatsApp or phone call. I feel completely different looking person! I’m very happy with all the service!
WILLIAM » flag 800 usa »


United Kingdom
Hair transplant I thought the staff and clinic were very nice. I especially liked the care and attention by my escort Mira. From the time I started this process until at least now, my departure date she has explained everything and has been very patient with me. I was pleased with how the staff treated me and if I had one objhection or surprise, doctors. They checked in periodically through the procedure and were there when I needed them. It was just unusual to me. Suggestion, the post operation form in English language needs to be revised for grammar.
XAVIER » flag 800 isp »


I did hair transplant in Crown health group 2 days ago, I got 4200 grafts and until now I am very happy with the results. I would definitely recommend this treatment to a friend. For me it was really worthy and I would do it if I need. I choosed Crown health group because I did a big research on Internet and I had a good feeling from what I saw. I thought it was the one I could trust the most. My first impression was really good, the hospital is really modern and clean. The staff is very nice and helpful, also the hotel facilities and the staff are great.
JASON » flag 800 uk »


United Kingdom
After wanting to do this for over 10 years, but being put of by UK costs , I was advised by a colleague to look at Turkey as this was the undisputed capital of hair transplants and a fraction of UK costs, I eventually decided on Crown health group after doing major research, where I have just had a hair transplant with 4500 grafts and can honestly say the only discomfort i felt all day was the needle for the anesthetic and can honestly say after the procedure I used the painkillers on operation day only. Really impressed with the work ethics of all staff during proceedure.
AMANUEL » flag 800 fra »


I had a frontal line implant along with increase of density in the top and frontal area (behind the frontal line) as I had low density in these areas and a receding frontal line I think that the ration price-procedure (profesionalism in general) is very good. All the staff very profesional as well as the facilities of the clinic. They are very pending of you at every moment to answer your doubts, that gives you confidence I found this clinic after doing a research in internet, and from the more than 200 hunred clinics available in Turquey this seems to be one of the most known and trustable.
ANIS » flag 800 usa »


United States
I'm an American, so here ya go. This facility is state of the art. Clean, well equipped and pro-staffed. They were concerned about my comfort to a level that put me at ease. My procedure took approx. 7hrs. And at the break, fed me a delicious meal. Everyone is so helpful and like I said PRO. I would and will recommend Crown Health Group to any who are considering this program.The facility is clean, well equipped and professionally staffed.I would definitely choose Crown Health Group again and I recommended to everybody who wants to do this.
YEHIA » flag 800 swed »


My expenrience with this treatment is all that i expekted I red and watched videos before so i knew all the steps The team that did my treatment was very prfessional and explaining the steps and checking upp on me during the procedure I can really recommend crown health group to anybody that is thinking about doing this They took great care of me all the way from arriving at the airport to the clinic I did not need to think of anything they got it all covered This is why i choose Crown Health Group Super proffesional team and staff. My experience was great, nice people, smiley faces, professional staff, and very clean.
ASHLEY » flag 800 swzr »


Much better than expected! They are very professional and kind. The procedure -hair transplant- is not painful and the nurses are very thoughtful. During a few hours after the procedure, it hurt and I just wanted to rest at the hotel. Although the surgeon only supervises and draw the lines, the assistants carrying out the operation are very well trained and extremely skilled because they do that everyday! I felt safe and confident at all times. At my arrival I had to wait at the airport almost two hours for the driver. That was the only negative point. However, the receptionist at the Health Point was Very nice and funny.
MONDER » flag 800 can »


Within 3 days of first contacting Crown Health I had my procedure scheduled and had my flight tickets purchased mainly because all my questions and concerns were immediately and clearly answered, when landed, I was picked up at the airport to be brought to the hospital to give blood samples and they immediately brought to my hotel. Everything went as expected and explained. The procedure itself went smoothly also. I was brought to the hospital from my hotel. Everything went as expected and explained. The procedure itself went smoothly also.
TAMIR » flag 800 isr »


My hair transplant procedure went perfect and this operation very easy compering to the others. The staff were very friendly and professional and i am so happy and the hospital is very nice and the crew very professional and it helps because the team speaking English very well. In all the experience was excellent and very professional. I would I would recommend crown health group to anyone looking for a hair transplant solution. I good experience all staff good finely and good thank you for crown health group team.
MARTIN » flag 800 fin »


After long researching about the hair transplant in Turkey on the internet I preferred to have the perfect and excellent results that’s why I found Crown Hair Transplant Center is the best in Istanbul. From leaving the airport I was made welcome. I was collected by driver and brought to the hospital were all my worries where put to rest The doctors and the nurses were very professional. All the people I have met while here are happy with the result and now I look forward to seeing mine, I am very very happy with this experience. ”Thank you so much Crown Health”
TAFFY » flag 800 irl »


My interaction with Crown health group from first contact via WhatsApp chat to the whole experience in Istanbul from pickups to hotel to the day of operation have been handled very professional team / furthermore the operation lasted several hours and was conducted by trained professional with oversight of main plastic surgeon / I’m hopping for great results in 12 months / extremely great value for money with a guarantee on the high quality services provided/ They took care of all my needs. Thanks for all your help.
RAZVAN » flag 800 irl »


I found the treatmeant very professonal and the staff was more than happy to answer every question i had/ The after care was amazing as they looked after me every step of the way. I would highly recommend crown health to anyone not only for how professional but also the amazing and affordable packages they have to offer. Highly recommend it for any one looking for a hair transplant I chose the clinic for its affordable price packages and its high recommandations i got of my friends who hair got hair transplants from Crown Health Group.
JOHNNY » flag 800 den »


I've had 3500 grafts relocated - information and pre-operation information has been very good. Operation quick, effective and not as painfull as expected - the most painfull experience is your neck when sitting still for the duration of the operation. Post-operation day 1 on the hotel has been the least easy part - not even close to hard - the hardest part was laying down for an entire day. The Dedeman hotel works in cooperation with Crown Health Group and it works beautifully. Post-operation day 2 going back to the clinic for removal of bandages and further instructions very professional.
SYED » flag 800 uk »


United Kingdom
To be honest this operation is serious . so please be ready to face few things that is very important . first during the oparation you can face some pain . second you need to prepare yourself that during the operation about 2 hours is too hard breathing because they make youn in the position with you face down to have hair from doner area . the last one is hard to sleep for the first night because you need to use extra pillow under your neck. I would like to thank really the team .they were very nice with me.everything was clean and organised. the hospital is good .
LUIS » flag 800 isp »


I did hair transplant three weeks ago and I got 5000 grafts, 1000 more than they said when saw the pictures, so I am very happy. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to have the hair back. And here better than in Spain, because I have been doing a lot of research and this is the most reliable I have found. It was a good value for sure. I choosed Crown Health mainly because of the price, and when I came here I was really impressed by the staff and facilities, everything is very modern, clean and tidy, and the staff is very nice and helpful. Also the hotel is very good. I am glad I choosed Crown Health.
MICHEAL » flag 800 uk »


United Kingdom
Happy with the overall experience the local anesthetic was very painful having had many local before I found these ones excruciating. I was happy with the overall procedure. I was a bit concerned about the amount of blood on the bed especially around the face area after the micro incisions were opened in my face they were in contact with the bed for long periods as the bandaging kept on slipping. Just concerned about bacterial infection from this. The girls who done the procedure were very efficient quick and helpful.
EVANDRO » flag 800 isp »


Would like to thank the whole team for their support and professionalism. From the very beggining they have been kind and explained everything in details giving me the confidence to go through the operation. The procedure itself was painless, just the first night was a bit tough due to the several hours in the operationr room, but after a good night sleeping and the medication they provide you in the second day was 100%. Great infrastructure and the best professionals ever.
GEORGE » flag 800 uk »


United Kingdom
In Crown Health Group The treatment from start to finish was 1st class, Very pleasant staff and wonderful treatment facilities, The hotel package (Park Dedeman Hotel) made the complete process trouble free going to and from the clinic, The treatment itself was long, under local anesthetic and was painless for the most part. The patient care from the staff has been excellent, I would recommend anyone wanting to get the treatment. They will take care of everything for you to make your experience as good as you want.