Preventing Hair Loss with Green Tea, A healthy-looking hair is everybody’s desire, and many spend small fortunes for healthy hair. There are tons of supplies around for hair health. Although it is safe to say that many do not seem to be aware that there are more important factors than supplements, what we eat and drink have a huge impact on the health of our hair.

Preventing Hair Loss with Green Tea

Green tea is one of these drinks that can make a huge difference. Yes, it may come as a surprise; how can a collection of green leaves make a difference for your hair, right? Well, let us explore how.

How Does Green Tea Help

The good effects of green tea boil down to the micronutrients and antioxidative agents present in it. Mainly, the panthenol (or vitamin B) is responsible for this.

  • Vitamin B softens the hair and reduces split hair ends,
  • Most importantly, this substance strengthens the hair roots.

Both drinking it in tea form and applying it topically seems to help with hair health. Also, you may remember panthenol from some hair loss shampoos. It is a popular addition to anti-hair loss products nowadays.

There is also another substance in green tea named EGCG, which has proven benefits against hair loss, just like panthenol. EGCG can also help grow hair longer too. As a plus to this, green tea also has anti-inflammatory properties. These anti-inflammatory components help regeneration of hair and prevent hair loss. On top of this, green tea can help combat against dandruff, which is often a result of inadequate hydration.

Not to mention that green tea obviously contains some caffeine too. By blocking a hormone called DHT (dihydrotestosterone), caffeine in green tea can also slow down hair loss too. DHT is the main cause of male/female patterns baldness, the most common cause of hair loss. Antioxidants in green tea also help fight free radicals and be of help. What’s more vitamin C and polyphenols found in green tea give your hair a shinier appearance while also preventing dullness. These components also make hair softer too. That’s why they can also help with dull and rough hair.

How to Use Green Tea

Probably the most effective way to utilise green tea is to prepare a green tea rinse. Just like the way you prepare it for oral consumption, all you do is boil some green tea though it should probably sit around a while to cool down before application.

Then you can dump down this “tea” you made on clean and damp hair. The rinse must stay for at least 10 minutes before taking off. Also, in order to bring more shine to your hair, you can bottle up some and spray it on your hair when it is dry.

Doing this two or three times a week for three to four months should yield some benefit. Meanwhile, this home treatment also helps with dandruff.

Finally, we should add that simply drinking green tea will provide benefits to you and your hair too.