Matthew Mcconaughey Hair Transplant; A few years ago, Matthew McConaughey, who had rather curly hair, noticed that his hair was starting to fall out. According to, the actor, the problem was global, as a silver dollar-sized baldness had formed in a short time. Of course, Matthew started looking for a solution to this problem, because he often starred in McConaughey’s melodramas and comedies and didn’t look bald on screen.

An unnamed Swedish expert said at many international medical conferences that it was his thanks to the mysterious disappearance of the bald patches on the actor’s head. He said that the hair transplant procedure was done to the player. Matthew made a statement in 2017. İs Matthew Mcconaughey hair transplant was real?

Has Matthew Mcconaughey Had A Hair Transplant?

At some point I noticed that my hair was beginning to fall out in all strands. I got scared and started looking for a way to stop baldness. And then, after trying many methods, I came across a drug. And after using the drug, my hair did not fall out and hair appeared again in the bald area.

It was amazing how the medicine worked. He said the bald spots on my hair have disappeared.

Meanwhile, to dispel the rumors about a hair transplant, McConaughey had to go to the most famous hair specialist in California and examine his scalp.

Thereupon, he thoroughly examined the actor’s scalp. He concluded that there was no hair transplant operation.

Do Nutritional Supplements Work?

Nutritional supplements and medicines stop hair loss by only 10%. These medications usually contain retinoic acid and minoxidil. It is used quarterly. However, it cannot stop hair reduction in the long term. Because the hair strands continue to be pushed out by the testosterone hormone.

Hair transplantation is the best solution for the definitive result. If you want to use it as a last resort, use the medicine for a few months and follow the effect on your hair. If your hair falls out again after you stop taking the medication, then it is time to have a hair transplant.