Kevin Costner Hair Transplant; Thinning and hair loss are the biggest problems for actors. They weaken the image and even lose the general perception of youth. Stay on the background of high muscle tone. The same happened to Kevin. He was aged 10-15 when his hair was lost.

The photos clearly show how weak hair can make the image ugly. And Crown Health Group medical knitwear confirms our observation. Not all owners of a charismatic and attractive face have a beautiful skull to support this charisma even after hair loss.

Baldness is one of the most painful problems for everyone, not just gamers. As a matter of fact, wrinkles can be corrected, the body is athletic in a month, the shape of the ears and eyebrows can be tightened. But what to do if hair falls out?

John Travolta, Matthew McConaughey, Tom Hanks lost the fight with nature. They also had a Kevin Costner hair transplant. And no one continued to doubt the irresistible charm of these men. They had hair transplantation, some preferred FUE and some preferred HFE hair transplant.

What Is HFE Hair Transplant

HFE hair transplant does not involve the use of scalpels or rotary machines. When extracting and staging follicles, only European-made micro-tools are used. Their thickness does not exceed 0.8 mm. In this way, the doctor can selectively extract only healthy follicular compounds, which are then transplanted individually to the problem area.

There is no scar after HFE hair transplant. True, puncture marks can be noticed in the donor area for the first few days, similar to those that remain after syringing. But they get better very quickly. The results are also different: the natural angle of inclination of the hair, a high degree of survival, minimal rehabilitation time. In addition, the procedure takes only a few hours. In the most difficult cases, such as the most severe hair loss on the Norwood Scale, the HFE transplant will take 8-12 hours.