Hair that gets thinner and thinner, and finally thinning out completely: Many men can sing a song about it. It is comforting to know that celebrities are also struggling with hair loss. Jude Law’s hair has often been a topic of conversation in the press. At the Costume Institut Gala, she suddenly appeared with her hair again. Witchcraft? Difficult: Has Jude Law had a hair transplant? At least he wouldn’t be the first celebrity.

Androgenetic Hair Loss

Jude Law began shedding hair in typical places: the receding hairline gradually widened until the hairline of the forehead receded. These are symptoms of the most common form of hair loss affecting about 60 percent of all men: the so-called androgenetic hair loss.

Most of the time, the hair falls on the back of the head called the tonsils. If baldness and tonsils enlarge until they finally meet, only a lock of hair remains. The reason lies in the genes, it’s inherited, and the hair no longer grows on its own. If the hair root is destroyed, it is irreversible.

Jude Law’s Solution was Hair Transplant

Initially, the actor tried to cover all sorts of headgear, which at one point became clear: Jude Law’s hair was growing out quickly. At one point he ran to the front and showed that he was balding, but in the long run this was probably not the last word in wisdom.

When he introduced himself to the big deal with a fuller hair, speculation increased that also Jude Law hair transplant had. Alternatively, some journalists are also reporting on a hairpiece.

Original results are seen after a short time with hair transplantation. It looks completely natural as the hair belongs to you. The treatment has no side effects. Unlike the hair restorer, success continues even when follow-up care is complete.