John Travolta’s hair made him stand out for a long time. Without it, he may have never been in movies like Grease. They shaped his character so much. However, the actress has also been known to suffer from hereditary hair loss for a long time. Hairstyles have gone through a true revolution: everything from rasps to long hair dryers was there. What suits him best? It’s a matter of taste. However, it is noteworthy that her forehead has a receding hairline and then not. It can be correctly asked: Has John Travolta had a hair transplant?

Real or not:

In December 2018, the gray-maned actor was spotted on Hollywood Boulevard. Her hair was surprisingly thick, with no traces of receding hairline. Media speculation: John Travolta’s hair is barely visible, a so-called lace front wig with a knotted approach? After all, his assistant gossiped a year ago: Travolta’s house would have more than 100 wigs.

Three years ago, a photo came out where you can clearly see the receding hairline. So it’s a huge difference. The mane looks very natural too.

Why Nobody Say Anything?

John Travolta is far from the only actor whose hair has been speculated and discussed. There are more. For example, it’s also unclear if Mel Gibson helped with something with her hair. In most cases, the stars are unfortunately not open about their surgery. The photos are often very clear and very different: something was done here. Just what, nobody really wants to admit it.

John Travolta hair transplant was done well. Although he does not admit it, it was noteworthy that his hair decreased in 2019. It came to mind whether his thick and thick hair is a wig, but you can decide by looking at the images; we don’t need to hear from him!