Famous in the 1990s, Jamie Foxx began appearing in Hollywood productions thanks to In Living Color. His success created a huge fan base and made him stand out. The recent change in his hair caught people’s attention. This led to us think; Jamie Foxx hair transplant.

Jamie Foxx’s Hair Change

At the age of 40, a significant hair loss was observed. As is known, this is quite common for many men of this age. In some, hair loss can even cause permanent baldness.

Seeing Jamie Foxx’s hair growing thicker again, his fans thought he had a hair transplant. Experts pointed out that there is a discrepancy between hairline and age. Since hair transplantation is the only way to achieve such a permanent change, it is highly likely that he had a hair transplant.

Did Jamie Foxx Really Have a Hair Transplant?

Nobody except the doctor and himself knows if he has had a hair transplant. However, according to experts’ estimates, the reason for this change is hair transplantation. Jamie Foxx has gained a younger appearance with a hair transplant. His forehead, which used to be big, got smaller and his face became more beautiful. This is an unnatural process that can be achieved with a clear forward movement of the hairline. We should also pay attention to the tattoo on the back of his head.

It may seem unreasonable to establish a relationship between a tattoo on the back of the head and a hair transplant. However, in hair transplantation methods, grafts are taken and a scar may be left in the area where the grafts are taken. Tattoo is usually used to cover this scar. When they asked Jamie Foxx about this, he said the tattoo was a gift. He left his hair transplant questions unanswered.