Is There a ‘Maximum’ Size of Session for Hair Transplant? Hair transplant applications are partially aesthetic procedures. The reason why we describe hair transplant as a partially cosmetic procedure is that it is actually surgical interventions in the field of health.

Is There a ‘Maximum’ Size of Session for Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant operations generally start with an interview. Surgeons and patients need to have a mutual decision in terms of planning the process. In this way, it is possible to eliminate the problems arising from misunderstandings that may occur after the operation by making much healthier and smoother planning.

Since hair transplant is directly related to human psychology and external appearance, it includes many crucial points for successful results. Therefore, people have many questions about hair transplant applications. One of them is the number of maximum sessions to achieve the best and natural look.

One of the most critical points in hair transplant is the placing adequate number of grafts in a limited time. Therefore, careful planning is necessary to obtain efficiency. First of all, the number of hair transplant sessions is determined by the hair density of the patient. It is possible to transplant all hair follicles in one session. However, it might go up to four sessions according to the donor and target area.

In a hair transplant, irregular and excess hair grafts might lead to unnatural results. Whereas, insufficient hair grafts may also create a sparse look which makes the operation unsuccessful.

The number of grafts during hair transplant also varies according to hair transplant methods.

The traditional methods are not successful enough to transplant many hair grafts. However, with the advanced FUE and DHI methods, it is easy to transplant approximately 4000 grafts in a single session. This procedure may last up to 9 hours, depending on the degree of hair loss and the desired density.

However, if the desired result is not reached after the procedure,  second or even third hair transplant can be necessary to achieve a perfect look.

Number of Grafts in Hair Transplant

The number of grafts in hair transplantation varies according to the hair structure of the person. The higher the density of the hair means increased quantity and quality of the transplanting process. The most crucial factor in hair transplantation is to remove the hair follicles without damaging them and not to create infrequency in the donor area. It is not easy to transplant 4000 hair follicles. Therefore, you should select the right hair transplant centre with professional and capable doctors.

The hair follicle is a tissue that requires attention and tenderness, and if not carefully, the tissues may die. For this reason, it is vital to find a doctor performing a delicate process. Besides, the correct placement of the grafts at certain angles will directly affect the outcome.

Because many factors determine the number and duration of a session, the second session in hair transplant might be necessary. The maximum number of sessions can be up to four according to the needs and desires of the patient and surgeon. However, it is possible to complete a successful hair transplant in one session with proper planning and good application.