Is Hair Transplantation Possible After the Age of 50? Hair loss is a problem for people of almost all ages. While your hair can fall out at a very early age, you may also lose your hair at an older age. According to popular belief, people say that you cannot undergo the hair transplant operation after the age of thirty, which is completely wrong. Thanks to the developing technology, people of all ages can undergo a hair transplant operation. Of course, there are some things that you need to be careful about after the age of fifty.

What is a Hair Transplantation?

Hair loss is not only a physical but also a psychological problem. Since our hair is one of the most important factors affecting our appearance, losing hair affects our psychology quite negatively. Hair transplant operation helps you regain your permanently lost hair. Today, the safest and most effective method for permanent hair loss is hair transplantation.

While performing this operation, your doctor gently removes healthy hair follicles and transplants them into the bald area. You will have healthy and bushy hair again in a short time. In addition, the doctors administer local anaesthesia during hair transplantation, which makes the operation quite safe, pain-free and comfortable.

What is the Best Age for Hair Transplantation?

While the doctors claim that it is best to undergo hair transplantation after the age of twenty-two, there are no restrictions after that age. This means if you are healthy enough to undergo an operation, you can easily undergo the hair transplant operation too. However, there are some factors that you need to consider after the age of fifty.

The important thing here is your general health. There are some diseases that prevent hair transplantation. However, in some diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, heart or hepatitis, there is no obstacle in hair transplantation if you take necessary precautions. Today, many people between the ages of 60 and 65 who have a general health condition can easily have a hair transplant operation. Also, if you are currently using drugs, vitamins or painkillers, you should share this information with your doctor.

If you have poor general health, first of all, you should bring your health to a normal level. You should get treatment for the diseases you have or get them under control before the hair transplantation procedure. After performing the necessary examinations, you can safely undergo the hair transplant operation. Is Hair Transplantation Possible After the Age of 50?

Hair Transplantation Results After the Age of Fifty

Hair loss type is more important than the age of the person in hair transplantation operation. Most people’s hair starts to fall off in their 20s, and the hair loss is almost complete after the age of 40. If we look at it from this point of view, hair transplantation after 50 can give even better results than early ages.

Of course, as with any operation, it is very important for you to share everything with your doctor and undergo the hair transplant operation under the supervision of a qualified doctor. If you want to know more about hair transplantation after the age of 50, please contact our experienced doctors.