Is hair transplant successful; yes! The day after the hair transplant, the patient turns to his doctor to have confidence in the results of the operation, at Crown Health Group, the results are monitored and developed with the patient at least three times a month until the results are finally completed, the traces of successful hair transplant look like this one after another:

  • The person should not suffer from any side effects or serious complications that are not considered after the operation.
  • The transplanted hair follicles are solid and strong, there is no loss or damage.
  • The health of the follicle donor areas at the back of the head is not deformed or damaged.
  • The transplanted hair should grow according to the determined schedule.
  • The final results are obtained with a natural appearance and aesthetically pleasing to the facial features of the person.

Is Hair Transplant Successful ?

Hair Transplant Success Rate For Men And Women

Global statistics have proven that the success rate of hair transplant is at least 95%. It shows that this high rate, which you cannot find in other plastic surgeries, gives confidence to many people and encourages them to go through the experience of the procedure.
Turkey each year more than 100 thousand people is hair transplant done, Istanbul this type of operation with a clinic that specializes in the cultivation of more centers and hair than 300 is accepted as the global capital and as well as the quality of medical care, the cost of operations in Turkey in Europe, It is the most suitable for the costs in America and other countries.

Hair transplant represents an effective solution for many reasons:

As with various treatments and medications such as minoxidil and finasteride, their results do not take much to show.
Hair loss treatments and medications are not suitable for regrowth after follicle loss.