Is hair transplant in turkey safe; Yes hair transplant safe in turkey. But there are several important issues that need to be analyzed by the surgeon in hair transplant. The technique includes many factors that require an accurate diagnosis for a more satisfactory result. Below we list some of them:

Capillary Density

The density varies from patient to patient, the threads are not visible individually, but the higher the percentage of 3-wire follicular units in small groups of 1.2 and 3 strands, which are follicular units, the better the transplant result.
Another factor that includes capillary density is the distance between follicular units, the proximity between them increases the density, which can range from 50 to 100 threads per cm², which will affect the amount of thread that can be removed for donation.

Skin Flexibility

In patients with low skin elasticity, Fue hair transplantation technique allows follicles to be removed from the donor area since the tissue is not removed since the follicular units are removed one by one.

The Need Of The Delivery Area

Depending on the degree of baldness, it can vary, in some cases 3,000, in others 3,500, etc. However, as we have seen, every person has the capacity to donate hair follicles, so sometimes the patient can donate 2,000 threads and need 3,000, in these cases it is possible to remove threads from other areas or to perform surgery in two stages.

Equipment Quality And Doctor’s Experience

The equipment used is important, aiming to attack the capillary tissue as little as possible, provide softer and more hidden scars, and protect the follicles removed. The whole process is manual and artistic, the doctor and the team both take great care to ensure the patient’s comfort and surgical planning for the extraction, preparation of follicles and subsequent implant to the bald area.

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