No, hair transplant is not haram. For hair transplant, doctors use the root of your own hair. No treatment is done from another living thing or artificial hair. According to the Holy Koran, the skin needs to breathe. The reason for this is to take the ablution correctly. In hair transplantation, your scalp sweats, water passes to the skin surface. is hair transplant haram; Therefore, it is not haram.

How long does the transplant take?

Hair transplantation takes an average of 7 hours.

Is it necessary to shave the hair to have a hair transplant?

It is not necessary to shave the hair completely, but when all the hair is shaved, the transplantation process will be more agile and easier.

How are donor and recipient areas determined?

As a general rule, the follicle donor area is delimited by the occipital (the area behind the neck), parietal (the area above the neck) and temporal (the area behind the ear) while the recipient area is in the frontal, upper, or crown region (e.g. common pattern in baldness).

Does this type of microsurgery leave any visible marks / scars?

FUE hair transplantation leaves no visible scar.

What are the side effects of having a hair transplant?

Side effects of hair transplantation can occur in the following ways:
• Swelling of the head and eyes due to depletion of anesthesia. This effect can occur if adequate care is not taken after transplantation.
• The head is reddish, but the rash will disappear after 1 week.
• The healing of the follicle pores will form a scab that will disappear after 1 week with careful washing of the scalp.

Are there any external and / or physiological factors affecting the success of transplant?

Failure to comply with the prescribed care after treatment or the presence of any pathology not reported in the diagnostic interview may increase the risk of inflammation and folliculitis as well as affecting the success of the treatment.