Is Hair Loss Really More Common in Summer? Many of us experience more hair loss during summer than other seasons. Seasonal hair loss occurs both in men and women and is due to external as well as internal factors. Many people assume that hair shedding in summer is because the body loses hair to keep as cooler in a warmer climate. This makes sense, and makes the “Scandinavian Myth” valid.

As research by Swedish specialists, he observed balding or hair loss in 800 ladies for more than 6 years. In summers there is the noteworthy extent of resting follicles that sheds in autumn as well. Resting follicles shed their hair in anticipation of regrowth, which means in summer and autumn, you will experience most hair fall rate.

Why are Follicles Dormant in Summer?

The principal reason is the daylight which signals the body to create less melatonin, which directly influences the hormone levels in the scalp. The signals from the environment cause follicles to exceed the shedding stage until the summer’s end.  The other main reason is the hormonal level, such as testosterone, which is high in other seasons such as autumn and spring. Even though testosterone is considered as the male hormone, however, some of its quantity is present in women too that causes the female baldness pattern. We will all hence encounter a specific measure of shedding, however, if shedding continues for other months at an exponential rate, consult a specialist as it might be “Alopecia Areata” or “Telogens Effluvium”.

Imagine A Scenario in Which Your Hair Loss is more than Regular!

Summer hair shedding or occasional hair loss is nothing to worry about. Every individual faces seasonal hair loss and slight fluctuation so that more hair development occurs. In any case, if you notice that predictable, heavier shedding is happening in explicit regions, for example, the crown or edges, there might be a more than seasonal hair thinning issue at play. Male pattern baldness usually starts from the crown area and sanctuaries.

Individuals will find that regrowth doesn’t happen, despite the fact that shedding might be moderate. Whereas, a female balding pattern starts from the crown or thinning up at the top. Later, conceivable bigger patches happening around the sanctuaries and the crown. If you feel that your hair thinning is something more, look for assistance from an expert as they can help you in protecting your hair from further damage.

3 Tips for Summer Hair Loss

Fortunately, there are a few ways you can attempt to urge your follicles to wake up and develop new hairs. You don’t have to do anything much. Below are a few tips:

Oil Massaging:

Apply warm oil not too hot twice a week to the scalp and massage gently to minimize hair loss. Wash hair with mild pH shampoo later.

Protection against Scorching Sun:

The most stylish yet happening way to protect you against the scorching sun is to wear a hat or scarf. Not everyone likes this idea, but this protects hair against dryness, brittleness, and damage caused by the sun.

A healthy diet and Plenty of Water:

Summer hair loss can simply occur due to a lack of proper hydration and by not eating a balanced diet. Eating healthy such as plenty of fruits and vegetables prompts hair growth, plus don’t forget to stay hydrated!