How To Start The Process Of Hair Transplant, People who lose their hair before expected often opt for a hair transplant. It is becoming more and more popular to get a transplant worldwide. People are warming up to the idea of looking younger via a short operation, who wouldn’t right? The process yields permanent hair growth on affected areas, and people get to treat those hair however they wish.

Hair Transplant Step by Step

This minimally invasive surgical procedure begins by extraction of selected follicles.

But before we can do any work on the patient, we need to shave the recipient and the donor areas. The newest, most advanced method DHI allows patients to keep some of their hair if they wish. Though, here we will talk about the FUE method of hair transplantation.

  • The industry standard for hair transplant is the FUE method.
  • FUE method does not leave any visible scars

During the extraction phase, we begin the process with the administration of local anaesthetics. These anaesthetics will ensure that the patient does not feel any discomfort throughout the hair transplant procedure. When the donor area is clean and anaesthetised, our experts pick out individual follicles far away from each other. By picking follicles that are far from each other, we avoid over-harvesting a single area. If we aggressively extracted from a single part, that part could become patchy and unnatural.

For extraction, we use a micromotor with a millimetric punch (usually .6 to .9 mm in diameter). As an expert selects and prepares follicles for extraction, other medical personnel pick up these follicles one by one. To do this, they use a small tool, similar to a tweezer. While the staff picks up these follicles, someone else from the crew cleans and lines them up in a special solution. This solution keeps follicle tissue alive throughout the operation.

After the Extraction

When all the extraction is complete, the team can move on to implantation. Just like the extraction phase, this phase begins with the administration of anaesthesia. The operators ensure that the patient feels no pain before proceeding any further.

Once we are sure that everything is proper, we can move on to open canals. These are tiny holes where the grafted follicles go. To open canals, the specialist doctor comes in and puts on special magnifying lenses. And with a tiny sharp metal blade, the doctor opens canals one by one. The angle of canals is important as we wish the implanted hair to look as natural as your own hair. The operator who cleaned the grafted follicles reports the number we extracted. So the doctor can open an appropriate amount of canals.

The Implantation

When the canals are ready too, the medical team can begin the implantation. Usually, the implantation phase takes the longest because the follicles need special care when handling. On average FUE operations take 6 to 8 hours. After this process is over, the team bandages the patient. The next day, we take the patient in once more to remove the bandaging and evaluate how the process has gone.