How to Attain Ideal Hair Density through Transplantation, An adult human scalp consists of a total of 100,000 follicular units on average. At first, the hair starts to fall.

How to Attain Ideal Hair Density through Transplantation

The density of hair starts to decrease, and the hair strands seem farther apart. If unattended, the hair goes on thinning out more, and one can go bald. The natural density suits the person. Few men genetically have a lower density of hair. In both ways, dermatologists suggest hair transplantation. If a person has gone bald, he has already reduced 50% of those 100,000 follicular units. This is specifically true for the bald area. The natural density of hair follicular units per square centimetre of a nonbald scalp is 80 to 100 follicular units. This density is not constant for everybody. It is a variant in every person.

Role of Hair Transplantation in Covering the Baldness

Hair transplantation in covering the baldness has a crucial role. There are different ways to get rid of baldness and to gain back a satisfying density of hair.


The head usually has denser hair at the sides or back of it. Mostly, baldness or hair fall starts from the front of the head. The front of the head gives a main look to your face. Therefore, the area which is low in density gets the transplanted hair follicles. The follicles from the area which is dense help to fill up space (sides or back of the head).

Density Related to Grafting

The placement of grafts varies in the position as well as number. The placement of the grafts decides how dense the hair will grow. The style of positioning the grafts can also help the hair look denser than they are. Nowadays, it is convenient to place grafts closer than before. Several densities practised for the placement of the grafts are ranging from 20 to 60 FU per cm2. This density of grafts per square centimetre decides the density of hair. However, the number of grafts placed in an area affects growth.

Graft Placement in Multiple Sessions

In one session, the transplantation can easily cover the baldness. But it is not possible to bring back the natural density in only one session. In the general process of transplantation, doctors plant almost 25–35 FU per cm2. This creates a density which is far lesser than the natural one. The second session of grafting gives a more natural look. In this setting, once again 25-35 FU are planted per cm2. Some people who have very little density might need a third sitting. This is called multiple-session transplantation.

Dense Pack Technique

This technique helps give an ideal density of hair. In this technique, the follicular grafts used are more than usual. This is the way to increase the density of hair along the hairline. This technique is a very sensitive technique that needs a very careful methodology. If you consider trying this, then you must consult a skilled and specialised surgeon.

In this technique, the doctor places 30-60 FU per cm2, whereas in general transplantation the FU placed are 25–35 per cm2.

However, density depends on many other factors. These factors include hair colour, diameter, and hairstyle.