How Much Does Hair Transplantation Cost? We use a sapphire hair transplant technique in our hospital and we are the best in this regard.

What Is the Sapphire Hair Transplant Technique?

Sapphire hair transplant is a modified method of the FUE method and this technique follows the same surgical approach as technical and technical regulations come into play to improve results. The name of this technique comes from the stone that is used as an end for incisions in the recipient area of ​​the hair, which is a sapphire stone, or the stone named after the ambassador. This gemstone is very similar to sapphire.

Its composition belongs to metal oxide groups and has extremely high hardness. This stone is distinguished by its rarity and high price, and it uses a specific type that has a distinctive blue color. The most important feature of Sapphire stone used in this distinctive technique in hair transplant is that it is not exposed to chemical dissolution or electro fusion, and allows surgical incisions to be made correctly. Among the numerous features that make the Ambassador one of the best stones to be used in hair transplantation surgery, it is primarily used for the rapid response of the skin and scalp to a rapid recovery.

Let’s check how much does hair transplantation cost over the world.

2000 grafts

  • United Nations 15,000 dollars
  • UK 12,000 dollars
  • France 10,000 dollars
  • UAE 8000 dollars
  • Kuwait 7000 dollars
  • Saudi 6000 dollars
  • Jordan 3000 dollars
  • Turkey 1,200 dollars

3000 grafts

  • United Nations 18,000 dollars
  • UK 15,000 dollars
  • France 12,000 dollars
  • UAE 9000 dollars
  • Kuwait 8000 dollars
  • Saudi 7000 dollars
  • Jordan 3500 dollars
  • Turkey 1,400 dollars

4000 grafts

  • United Nations 20,000 dollars
  • UK 17,000 dollars
  • France 14,000 dollars
  • UAE 10,000 dollars
  • Kuwait 10,000 dollars
  • Saudi 8000 dollars
  • Jordan 4000 dollars
  • Turkey 1,600 dollars

5000 grafts

  • United Nations 25,000 dollars
  • UK 20,000 dollars
  • France 16,000 dollars
  • UAE 12,000 dollars
  • Kuwait 11,000 dollars
  • Saudi 9000 dollars
  • Jordan 4.500 dollars
  • Turkey 2,000 dollars