How Does Quality of Water Affect Your Hair? Whenever we move to another place, a few things we are should be concerned about are water and food.

How Does Quality of Water Affect Your Hair?

Water affects our skin and hair in different ways. Our hair can become healthier or poorer in appearance. In short, the quality of water has a direct effect on our overall appearance. For instance, when we wash our hair with soft water, it would have different results as compared to washing with hard water.

Here, we’ll discuss some water types and their effects on our hair.

Hard Water

This type of water contains a high volume of hard minerals such as magnesium and calcium. The hard water must contain 3.5 gpg (grains per gallon).

Effects of Hard Water on Hair

If you find your hair dull, dry, and overly frizzy, then the real culprit may be the water you are using. The scalp becomes dry, flaky, and itchy if we live in hard water areas. Over time, the hair becomes extremely thin and rough. Further, this condition leads to hair falling or shedding. In men, it can trigger baldness. This all happens because hard water removes the essential nutrients from the hair. If you are using shower gels and shampoos to lather, then it means your water is hard.

Moreover, it can make hair washing and rinsing hard. It leaves residues of the shampoos and soaps you are using. If you have dyed hair, then it can fade quickly. Hair becomes limp and strawlike and is more prone to hair loss. It can trigger eczema too.

How to Deal with Hard Water?

If you are living in a hard water area, you need to replenish your hair’s natural moisturiser. For this, consult a doctor who often prescribes shampoos and lotions to hydrate the hair. Besides this, use herbal and organic supplements on our hair that have the least side effects. Shampoos must contain EDTA. It will help dissolve the mineral deposits that are already left behind in the hair.

Soft Water

On the contrary, soft water contains low levels of magnesium and calcium. The deficiency of these two minerals can cause slimy hair. If your hair becomes too limp, then it’s the soft water. It has benefits also like your shampoo lathers more easily, so you can use less quantity of shampoo.

Coping with Soft Water

To counter the adverse effects of soft water, you must use volumising products. Use shampoos and the conditioners which are specifically made for the soft water. It will help to restore the volume of your hair. However, you may not need to use the conditioner every time while washing your hair because it might make your hair greasy or oily. Take hair treatments to cope with the adverse effects of the soft water.

The quality of water can change your body’s behaviour and overall appearance. Hair affected by the polluted water is very hard to restore. Patience and regular treatment will help in the restoration of healthy hair. Nowadays, many synthetic shampoos and soaps are becoming trendy for healthy hair. Organic oils are very beneficial for badly conditioned hair. You can use products online too. If the hair has become unmanageable due to bad water, do consult a good doctor. You can contact us for hair-care advice and suggestions.