Hair Transplantation Side Effects? You don’t have to worry about your hair loss problem and baldness fear because these problems can be solved by hair transplantation process . And you can also be more confident by learning the expected results from hair transplantation and hair transplantation side effects.

Hair Transplant

It helps to add more hair to bald areas of your head to transplant hair from thicker areas to lighter areas. Around 60% of men and 50% of women all over the world suffer from hair loss, and while many people often resort to medications to treat this problem, hair transplantation is another way to restore hair, as the first hair transplant was done in Japan in 1939. Then the process develops over time.

If the patient notices any of the following, see a doctor immediately:

  • Increase in body temperature.
  • Unusual bleeding or secretion from the scalp incision.
  • A significant gradual increase in pain that cannot be easily relieved by taking prescription medications, especially if it persists after 72 hours.
  • Thumb bandage has been violently moved or unintentionally fallen off within the first 24 hours.

When Are The Results Of Hair Transplantation Not Effective?

  • People who experience hair loss due to chemotherapy or other medications.
  • In thick scars caused by scalp injuries.

Where You Will Be Safe?

Crown Health Group doctor places individual hair follicles in the front row in order to gain a natural appearance.  After completing the front line, the doctor will place double and triple roots in the upper and back areas of the head to give higher density in these areas. So you will be safe with experts hands.