Hair transplantation in Turkey, with minimal symptoms and the highest hair density compared to the rest of the world is carried out with the latest technology. The most important feature of hair transplantation in Turkey is to get the largest hair density. Turkish Crown Health Group hair experts think that hair transplantation is not a simple medical procedure, but a combination of medicine and opinion.

About Hair Transplant

Hair transplant surgery aims to restore the shed hair, and so far, millions of people have recovered their shed hair and overcome baldness with hair transplantation where hair strands are taken from the hairy places on the head to be transplanted to the area suffering from hair loss and baldness.

Who Are Hair Transplant Candidates?

  • Suffering from baldness
  • Pre-hair loss
  • Patches of hair loss

Before Hair Transplant

You should avoid consuming alcoholic beverages 48 hours before the hair transplant date, avoid taking aspirin and vitamin E pills (10) days before the operation date, and stop taking all medications that prevent blood clotting after doctor’s approval.

It is best to wash the hair before planting.

It is better to stop using hair tonic and regenerating solutions a few days before the procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for hair to grow after a transplant?

Immediately after hair transplantation, the transplanted hair starts to grow and grows a few millimeters within a week, but after ten days and two weeks it enters the resting and hibernation phase and the normal shedding begins and (2-3) months later the hair starts to grow again.

What is the success rate of hair transplantation?

The success rate of hair transplant is high and generally more than (95%) can be estimated.

Is hair transplant dangerous?

Hair transplantation is a safe method and there is no risk.