Hair Transplantation Day By Day? We ask Crown Health about hair transplantation day by day.

First Night

After the hair transplant, there will be a bandage on the “donor area” and a bracelet around your forehead to prevent swelling on your face. You will see small red spots in the “recipient area” area and you may feel some swelling, itching and mild pain for a few days, and these symptoms can be alleviated with your doctor’s advice. It is worth sleeping sitting down and avoiding smoking.

First Day

The scalp area can be examined by removing the bandage and cleaned in the clinic or left for the second day.

Second and third days

Hair washing should begin after the operation, some clinics can do this, and for the next two weeks medical advice will be given on how to wash the hair, to contribute to facilitating the healing and healing of wounds in areas that should not be exposed to special shampoo and shampoo. . It is to wash the hair very gently, dry and comb the hair.

5 to 7 Days

Transplanted cuticles become stronger and firmer in place and are less likely to grow out of where they were transplanted. However, itching and scratching should be avoided. Hair will also begin to shed during this period. If there are stitches to stabilize the wound that needs to be removed, these can be removed at the clinic at this time.

15 – 30 Days: Symptoms of hair transplant on the scalp will disappear and no one will notice the moment you undergo this surgery.

1-3. Months: All hair is shed from the area where the transplantation is made.

4 to 6 Months: New hair starts to grow and the person will see visible changes in it gradually.

6 to 12 months: Hair grows longer, hair becomes thicker and stronger.

12 to 18 months: The final results are seen as the new hair grows thicker and longer.