Hair Transplantation Before And After ? This process is done in one of two techniques:

FUT hair transplantation: It is where a slice of the scalp is removed to separate the hair follicles from it and implanted in the treated areas with small holes.

FUE hair transplantation: It is the place where individual hair follicles are taken from small holes from the donor area and transferred to the treated area as very fine holes.

The operation takes 5 to 8 hours depending on the procedure applied and the size of the treated area.

Recovery Phase After Hair Transplantation

  • It takes about three days after the operation to fully heal the donor area.
  • You may feel swelling and pain in your scalp.
  • Six to seven days after the operation, crusting can be seen on the treated area.
  • The healing phase mainly takes seven to ten days after the operation.

When Will The Results Of Hair Transplantation Occur?

  • Newly transplanted hair begins to fall out after two to three weeks.
  • Hair grows back after three to four months and then continues to grow for life.
  • After hair transplant most patients see results within six to nine months.

You can view the results of hair transplantation with hair transplantation before and after pictures on the official website of Crown Health Group.

Tips for Maintaining Hair Transplant Results

You should follow a gentle method while washing your hair for the first five days after science.

  • Use a mild shampoo and do not scrub aggressively while washing.
  • You can return to work and normal activities three days after the operation.
  • You can start exercising seven days after surgery.
  • Do not apply pressure to your head with a brush or comb for about three weeks after the operation.

Do not wear any hat and do not expose yourself to excessive sweating as it will damage your scalp until your doctor tells you that you are healed.