Hair Transplant Surgery Could Improve Your Life, Nowadays, getting a hair transplant is more popular than it has ever been before. We see celebrity after celebrity getting a hair transplant to cast for younger roles each day. The general public has grown to accept this operation and the stigma around the operation dissipated over time. Is hair transplant surgery that effective in regards to appearance and self-acceptance? Well, it certainly is. Though always bear in mind that this is a surgical procedure after all.

Hair Transplant Surgery Could Improve Your Life

And as with any kind of surgical intervention, doing your research is important. You should get accustomed to the options you have at hand, be ready for any side effects and eliminate the risk etc.

What to Know Before Hair Transplant

Indeed, this surgery can and will improve your life. People often report more acceptance in work life and social life after the transplanted hair settles. Though, we would like our patients to be aware of certain aspects of the procedure before going in for a hair transplant procedure. The first thing we want for our patient is to have realistic expectations from the procedure.

Patients do not think about what is a normal result to expect. Websites of the health centres on the internet divert their attention to extremely well results. This drives up the expectations of the patient without the patient realising it. While the results you see on the websites of clinics is achievable, patients also should keep this in mind. The results differ according to a number of different factors, such as:

  • Donor area health,
  • The progression of hair loss
  • The number of follicles grafted in a session
  • The amount of contrast between skin colour and hair colour.

A good health centre such as esteCrown can help you attain more legitimate information about these subjects.

We are yet to develop a technology that enables us to increase the number of hair follicles a person has. What this means is, we have a finite supply of hair follicles. Different factors, such as a failed prior operation will have an enormous impact on what kind of results your next operation will yield. Going through too many hair transplants with too many target grafts will lead to over-harvesting of the donor area. This over-harvesting may lead to visible patchy spots around the occipital area, and this may cause further self-consciousness.

How This Procedure Can Improve Your Life

Thanks to the latest technology, more than 99% of hair transplant operations are successful. Once the hair settles after around 9 months, the resemblance will be quite natural. The angle of growth is set at a natural angle during the operation. And Thus, the hair will look as if it had always been there.

The scarring will be virtually impossible to see after the operation, and it will fully heal over time.