Hair Transplant For Eyebrows The hairs to be used in eyebrow transplantation are the follicles available in the nape area. This is a microsurgical procedure. Reconstruction thickens thin eyebrows and corrects defective and injured eyebrows.

Hair transplant for eyebrows is performed by removing individual follicles required for the reshaping of the eyebrows. It is done in the nape area, close to the neck. Because these hairs are thinner than other parts of the head and have a texture and density similar to those of the eyebrows.

Information About Eyebrow Transplantation

  • The duration of the operation is 3 hours on average. It takes at least 1 hour.
  • Local anesthesia is applied as anesthesia type.
  • The treatment is called outpatient treatment. This means that you will be able to return to normal life after surgery.
  • The recovery time is 1 to 3 days. If you stay at home for 3 days, your eyebrows are less likely to get infected.
  • For basic postoperative care, you should not wash your few days for a few days.

Why Do Eyebrows Fall Out?

Eyebrows are an essential ingredient for a harmonious face. Thin, flawed, scarred or even absent eyebrows are very common today, especially in women. There are several reasons why the eyebrow contour is lost and changed, for example, negative skin lesions when trying to shape with tweezers and scars from years of abuse. This condition can expose any woman or man to embarrassing situations, and those who suffer from this condition become extremely aware of their facial appearance.

Can the transplanted hair be rejected?

There is no rejection because the hair transplant for eyebrows belongs to the patient.

Do I have scars?

No. The extraction technique does not contain scars, this is done without applying to skin incisions.

Will the transplanted hair fall out?

No. Planted follicles maintain genetic resistance to baldness, they will continue to live throughout their lives and their growth rate will remain unchanged.