Hair Transplant For Beard  You may suffer from a stunted or incomplete growth of your beard; this is a problem many men have, so you should know the reasons that led to this problem including:


Because genetic factors play a large part in determining the characteristics of each individual. Genetic factors contribute greatly to this situation; Therefore, if your father suffers from chin hair growth, you are likely to suffer from the same condition.


This is usually due to hormones. Men suffering from low testosterone and dihydrotestosterone levels may suffer from poor jaw growth because these hormones are responsible for the male characteristics of men.

Alopecia Areata

Men suffering from alopecia areata. A condition that causes bald spots on their scalp, may also have bald spots on the beard.

It is a cosmetic surgical procedure for hair transplant for beard to the chin area, which is taken from one of the hairy areas of the scalp, usually from the back or sides, and then transplanted to the beard area after the desired shape is determined, so that the transplanted hair grows naturally for a lifetime.

How To Plant A Beard

For a successful and effective hair transplant for beard, the surgeon needs to provide hair follicles varying between 4000 and 7000 grafts, but only 2500 grafts should be planted to achieve the appropriate beard appearance.
The surgeon can use hair follicles containing two hairs instead of one hair to achieve the natural.Density of the chin to mimic the natural chin and cheek shape, and in the future, the hair must be transplanted at the same angle and direction of hair growth in order for the hair to grow properly.