Hair transplant but no donor area; Hair transplantation is recommended for patients over 30 years of age and whose baldness is stabilized, whether the affected area is large or small.

Hair Transplant But No Donor Area?

In cases where there is not much of a donor area in the side or back of the patient’s head, follicles can be removed from other parts of the body, such as the chest and neck.

For this reason, hair transplant is not rejected on any part of the body and can therefore gradually give a natural and precise result.

Hair Transplant Statistics

The beard, mustache, eyelash and eyebrow transplantation technique currently represents about 7% of the hair follicle restoration procedures, there has only been a growth for the beard and mustache areas to give you an idea. 14.2% seeking this treatment since 2012.

Hair Transplant Is One Of The Most Performed Cosmetic Surgeries.

According to the researches, hair transplant in Istanbul is the second most performed cosmetic / reconstructive surgery after liposuction in men.

Despite the relevance of this scenario, it is still common for the patient to have some doubts and / or fears about the results obtained with this type of surgery.

Istanbul Hair Transplant

In the Crown Health Group clinic, women and men seeking a permanent alternative to problems such as baldness and severe hair loss are served.

With hair transplant, donors are taken from the back, side of the patient’s head or areas such as chest and arms. After removing individual roots from the area, these follicles must be placed in the recipient area.


The appearance after hair transplantation is completely natural, it is not possible to see if the patient has done an operation to regrow his hair. This is possible because the FUE hair transplant technique does not leave a linear scar and the hair is transplanted in the same pattern as natural hair.
In addition, the amount of follicles planted and the resulting density make the appearance even more natural.