Hair Transplant Before And After Fue? The roots will be taken from the donor area that is not affected by the hormone responsible for hair loss in the rest of the head. The graft removal phase begins with local anesthesia. This process is performed using small, round-headed tools with a diameter of less than 1mm, resulting in very small, invisible and fast healing holes. These holes heal quickly the next day without annoying effect. This phase takes two to two and a half hours depending on the number of grafts to be removed. After the extraction, the medical team sterilizes and covers the donor area.

Open The Incubator Channels

This stage is the most important step in obtaining natural results from the hair transplant process. This is the part that requires the most aesthetic and technical expertise and skill. When the grafts are removed, the channels are opened very precisely with small diameter incision tools between 0.4-0.5 mm, which is smaller than the diameter of the incisions made, and the angle of the canal should be suitable for the hair growth angle. This phase lasts between 40 and 90 minutes when the patient lies on his back.

Implantation Of Grafts

This is the last step in FUE. This stage takes between 2 and 3.5 hours depending on the number of implants required. At this stage, the doctor makes every effort to place the extracted follicles into the incubation channels in the right direction to allow the skin to properly absorb these grafts.

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